Something to shout about this Christmas, TomEE 1.7.3 is here! This is a maintenance release that fixes several issues and improvements. This version is still shipped upon Apache Tomcat 7.0.65.

Please note that the TomEE 1.7.3 drop in WAR file will not work on Apache Tomcat 8. If you are interested in a Tomcat 8.x version then please feel free to check out and contribute to the developer branch - We are always interested in any help from the community that we can get.

The Apache TomEE 1.7.3 release files can be downloaded from here:

Or just update your existing Maven JavaEE-API, OpenEJB and or TomEE pom.xml entries to point to the latest versions:




A complete Changelog can be viewed here:


So please feel free to jump in feet first and get started with TomEE. You will nearly always find someone to help you on one of our support channels.