The ASF launched 20 years ago with the oversight of a single project: the Apache HTTP Server, which became the world’s most popular Web server software. Today, the ASF is the world's largest Open Source foundation, developing, stewarding, and incubating more than 300 projects and initiatives. The collective efforts of 765 individual Members and 7,000+Committers steward 200+ Million lines of code, and provides $20B+ worth of software for the public good at 100% no cost.

ASF member Michael Wechner is the director of “FUD”, the 2004 Wyona Pictures documentary on Open Source. In 2010, at ApacheCon North America (the ASF's global conference series) in Oakland, initial filming began on “Trillions and Trillions Served”, the documentary on The Apache Software Foundation. 

Filming resumed in September 2019 during ApacheCon North America/Las Vegas, and will continue in October 2019  in Berlin during ApacheCon Europe. Join us! 

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