The Apache OpenWebBeans Team is proud to announce the release of Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.5.

Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.x is an Apache License v2 licensed implementation of the JSR-365 CDI-2.0 specification.

OpenWebBeans has a modular structure and provides Dependency Injection scaling from Java SE environments up to Java EE8 server clusters with complicated ClassLoader hierarchies or OSGi environments.

This is a maintenance release targetting the Contexts and Dependency Injection CDI 2.0 specification!

CDI is a JavaEE standard (JSR-365) but fully available under Apache License v2.0.

Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.5 implements the CDI-2.0 API, and passes the JSR-330 and JSR-365 TCKs.

Distribution packages can be downloaded from

Hashes can be found here

The release is also available in maven.central

More info can be found at

The following tickets got fixed in this release:

• [OWB-1233] - WrappedValueExpression.equals(Object arg0) always false if arg0 is an instance of WrappedValueExpression
• [OWB-1235] - ConversationScope destroyed upon session serialization/deserialization
• [OWB-1241] - Bean cache ignores qualifier model defined through an AnnotatedType

New Feature
• [OWB-1242] - Add a configuration option to not proxy Principal

• [OWB-1232] - replace warning about interceptors
• [OWB-1238] - Our VersionVisitor shouldn't visit code
• [OWB-1243] - improve event performance

• [OWB-1240] - Non-static inner classes should not get picked up as CDI Beans

Dependency upgrade
• [OWB-1236] - Update to XBean Asm 6 Shaded 4.7
• [OWB-1237] - upgrade to xbean-4.8