Azure is Microsofts Cloud based service, similar to Amazon or the great Apache Cloudstack. Microsoft Open Technologies provides a VMDepot for sharing images for Azure. Which is great cause it can save you quite a bit of time!

The OpenMeetings project made version v2.1.1 of Apache OpenMeetings available at VMDepot:

For anyone not familiar with Azure those are step by step instructions on how to get your copy of the VM running:

1) Login your Azure admin panel at


2) Browse the public VMs and select the OpenMeetings image


3) Add the ports 1935 (RTMP), 5080 (HTTP) and 22 (SSH) to the endpoint config


Then start the VM and goto the URL: $VM_URL:5080/openmeetings

The passwords are:

  • SSH:

    user: azureuser

    pass: ?7Qy%W[[H7z{E

  • MySQL

    MySQL root: root

    pass: KsVECoENs$x:Uy(

  • Openmeetings database

    user: om_admin

    pass: $=z:[Mjx(m+HAEr

  • OpenMeetings

    user: admin

    pass: ~9$bfg+}^&/

Great work Maxim and Vasiliy !