The Apache OpenEJB team is excited to announce the release of OpenEJB 3.1.1.

This release includes some great enhancements for the embedded testing scenarios and general EJB programming. Notable improvements include:

- Dependency injection for test cases and clients of the embedded ejb container via new @LocalClient annotation.
- Support for annotating the same interface as @Local, @Remote and @WebService making it possible to exposing all possible EJB views with a single interface.
- Web Service views securable with @RolesAllowed, @PermitAll and @DenyAll annotations.
- Ability to easily use alternate sets of deployment descriptors for some or all tests via new 'openejb.altdd.prefix' property.
- Global lookups from any context simplified via new "openejb:" jndi namespace.

The release also contains several new examples including Applets invoking EJBs in webapps, Struts with JPA and EJB, secured web services and web services with Perl SOAP::Lite clients and more.