Thanks to all who attended ApacheCon NA this last week in Atlanta, GA. We had a nice little session Friday of the conference. For those that weren't able to attend or for those who made it and wanted to share the slides, we're putting them up online for all to see.

OpenEJB In-Depth

It was a real pleasure being able to present. People attending presentations are often skeptical when things first get rolling. There's a tendency for people to feel like they're getting a sales pitch despite the fact that all that we do, time and software, is given away for free. When we got into the demos, what started as reserved and scrutinizing facial expressions turned into very excited faces with big bright smiles. It was quite the transformation.

That excitement was triggered by the demos, which really drives home the importance of having more video content for people. In that vein we plan to introduce a series of Lightening Demos. Quick 2 minute screencasts so people can see individual examples run, download to debug!