Apache OFBiz News September 2016

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news.
This month we have news about an OFBiz track for Apachecon EU, a new Community HipChat room is setup, our PMC grows larger, OFBiz gets a new plug in system and the community collaborates on yet another Community Day.

Apachecon EU 2016 - Seville

The community submitted a range of talks for Apachecon EU in Seville. Five OFBiz talks have been selected to make up an OFBiz track. The topics range from improving the OFBiz user experience through to the new OFBiz plug in management system.

It's great to see another OFBiz track at Apachecon as it gives an opportunity for our community to meet face to face, get to know each other and collaborate. Our speakers will be coming from France, India and Kuwait. . Full details of the OFBiz track can be found at the following link:

OFBiz Track

Thank you to everyone that made a submission. We hope that there will be a strong OFBiz presence in Seville including some of our committers and PMC members. If you are interested in coming to Apachecon, then please register via the Linux Foundation website.

OFBiz Community HipChat Room

This month a HipChat room was setup for the OFBiz Community. The room is open to anyone to join and can be accessed using the following link

OFBiz HipChat Room

It is hoped that the online chat forum can help with collaboration, mentoring and also as a way to build community spirit. People can easily see other community members online, ask simple questions and chat about OFBiz. As usual any discussions topics are taken back to the mailing lists.

The HipChat room has been very successful and was used during the this month's Community Day.

OFBiz Community Day

Our Community Days are held every 3 months and our third one for 2016 was held on 17th September. As usual they are very popular. Once again the activity level was very high with 103 commits and 82 tickets closed or resolved. OFBiz was showing up on the ASF Status Monitor as the most active project over the Community Day weekend with Michael Brohl, Pranay Pandey, Arun Patidar, Jacques Le Roux and Gil Portenseigne filling the list of the top 5 most active Committers.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions, involvement and great effort. Our next Community Day is planned for 17th December. If you are interested in taking part then mark the date in your diary.

OFBiz Plug In Manager

A lot of work has been done this month to create a plug in management system for OFBiz. OFBiz covers many business aspects that being able to create a plug in and choose what functionality you want to enable will be a very strong and flexible business feature. The change of build system from Ant to Gradle has made the implementation of a plug in system for OFBiz a lot easier and after many weeks of effort the code has now been added to the trunk. This means that it will be included as part of the next OFBiz release.

Huge thanks and kudos to Taher Alkhateeb for doing all the hard work!

New PMC Member

A new member has joined the OFBiz Project Management Committee (PMC) this month - Michael Brohl. Congratulations Michael!

New Features and Improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:


Functional and technical bugfixes:

  • Minor issues that show as warnings in Eclipse (OFBIZ-8115)
  • Error in the print PDF functionality on the "Inventory Average Cost"-screen (OFBIZ-7390)
  • Console warning related to duplicate field alias (OFBIZ-7986)
  • Unnecessary condition in the product decorator (OFBIZ-7602)
  • No need to show "---" after selecting any option from drop-down in find screens (OFBIZ-8050)
  • Geo Location functionality of "Facility Contact Information"-screen not working (OFBIZ-7343)
  • Revert a commit that deprecated the 'safe' value for the attribute 'allow-html'
  • Character encoding issue in build.gradle (OFBIZ-8119)
  • "testFopMacroLibrary" fails on Windows (OFBIZ-7938)
  • Missing delete service (OFBIZ-8012)
  • In build.gradle move java encoding declaration to the project configuration section (OFBIZ-8119)
  • EntityName starting with a schema name causes an error in Postgres (OFBIZ-8137)
  • System erroneously allows changing the status from cancel to empty for returns (OFBIZ-7724)
  • Auto-completer does not work for "Data Resource Id" and "Owner Content Id" (OFBIZ-7721)
  • Unable to set a new lotId to an existing inventory item (OFBIZ-7533)
  • Donation amount gets prorated based on shipped quantity (OFBIZ-7440)
  • Wrong module name in the DelegatorFactory class
  • GenericDelegator fails with a NPE if delegatorInfo is null
  • No States/Provinces exist when creating a new customer from Japan (OFBIZ-8136)
  • The "Only Not Used Labels" option of the label manager is broken (OFBIZ-8114)
  • Vulnerability in the form widget sort-order element
  • The menu item ShipmentGatewayConfig in FacilityMenus has the wrong permission (OFBIZ-8172)
  • The Label manager doesn't search .groovy files (OFBIZ-8153)
  • The display of State/Provice for non US entities in customer profile is inaccurate (OFBIZ-8231)
  • The view screen in the Apache Solr Integration component is broken (OFBIZ-8225)
  • postalAddressHtmlFormatter in PartyScreens.xml does not work properly (OFBIZ-8242)
  • Profile of contact person not shown on quick add of contact in SFA (OFBIZ-7816)
  • Pagination errors in various forms (OFBIZ-8254) (OFBIZ-8236) (OFBIZ-8280)
  • Missaligned column titles in list forms (OFBIZ-8260) (OFBIZ-8272)
  • RateAmount is not found when the level is "WorkEffort" (OFBIZ-8052)
  • Invalid UiLabel in the "Edit Return"-screen (OFBIZ-8262)
  • The screens "Edit Calendar Exception Day" and "Edit Calendar Exception Week" are broken (OFBIZ-8222)
  • Obsolete "popUpPrint" functions in OfbizUtil.js (OFBIZ-8275)
  • "Update Party Invitation" ignores the "ToName" field (OFBIZ-8151)
  • jquery.jgrowl.min.css is linked twice in the HTML source (OFBIZ-7758)
  • The find button in the "Lookup Account"-screen redirects to the "Lookup Group"-screen (OFBIZ-7117)
  • Adding a WorkEffort Timesheet to "Invoice" or "New Invoice" does not work (OFBIZ-5636)
  • Adding a role for a party fails when trying to add a second role (OFBIZ-7135)
  • SvnInfo.ftl and GitInfo.ftl are not generated by default (OFBIZ-8250)
  • Busted layout of the "order status"-screen in the ecommerce component (OFBIZ-8265)
  • Barcode elements embedded in XSL-FO templates don't work because of a wrong dependency declared in build.gradle
  • Clicking the submit button in the Qualification screen renders a broken page (OFBIZ-8223)
  • Error when trying to update the routing task deliverable product (OFBIZ-8296)
  • "Order By Referrer" not working (OFBIZ-7318)
  • Error on the main page of the scrum component (OFBIZ-8318)
  • Issue in label search in webtools (OFBIZ-8315)
  • Sorting product overview in the product catalog results in a blank screen (OFBIZ-8302)
  • Unable to run the service findContentParens from webtools (OFBIZ-8322)