Apache OFBiz News October 2016

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news.
This month we have news about the refactoring of some key components, we continue the introduction of more unit tests, an OFBiz Security Mailing list is setup and the community starts preparing to create a new and much awaited release branch.

Refactored Start and Base Components

Work is still continuing on refactoring OFBiz. The refactoring effort has already significantly reduced our codebase making it more efficient to run. This month a large amount of work was done to refactor the Start and Base Components.

These are two key components, with complex code that form the core of OFBiz functionality, so tidying these up is an important step. We have needed to be especially careful to ensure that everything works correctly after the refactoring. Thanks to everyone involved in the reviewing and testing and also to Taher Alkhateeb for leading this work effort.

More OFBiz Unit Tests

A few months ago, code was added to the trunk as the base framework for the introduction of unit tests. Creating unit tests for OFBiz is important because it helps us ensure that code can be tested to prove that it works as expected. The focus on refactoring has given us an opportunity to add more unit tests to the code base. We hope that the use of unit testing will help us improve both code quality and debugging or tracking down bugs.

OFBiz Security Mailing List

Recently the project setup a new mailing list where people can report any security issues they encounter with OFBiz. It is very important that security vulnerabilities are reported immediately to the OFBiz Security Team and not to the standard community development or user lists. The OFBiz Security Team is responsible for investigating and fixing any vulnerabilities found. See the link below for details of how to contact them:

OFBiz Security Team

Details of any OFBiz security vulnerabilities are published under the Security Vulnerabilities section of our Downloads Page.
Please check this page regularly for the latest information.

Preparing for a new OFBiz Release

This year has been a very busy one for the project with a lot of changes happening such as significant refactoring and the introduction of Gradle. Discussions are now in progress for the creation of a branch that will eventually become our next release. The new release will be dedicated to the memory of Adrian Crum who died earlier this year.

New Features and Improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:


Functional and technical bugfixes:

  • Null Pointer Exception in the ecommerce webapp when accessed with multitenant mode on, caused by the recent refactoring to ContextFilter. (OFBIZ-8338)
  • The Payment section in the party profile page is broken when the Party does not have a check account. (OFBIZ-6899)
  • Cannot edit shopping list for ecommerce and ecomseo (OFBIZ-8348)
  • Entity description labels are considered not used by the Label Manager (OFBIZ-8154)
  • Error in the deleteCustomerTaxAuthInfo page called from /ecommerce/control/viewprofile (OFBIZ-4106)
  • Labels and properties caches clearing no longer work (OFBIZ-8321)
  • Shortlist the needed resources to start OFBiz in the sourcesets block in Gradle (OFBIZ-7937)
  • Pagination error in
  • InventoryItemStatus logging for reserved serialized inventory item. (OFBIZ-8459)
  • Entity ECA rules throws Null Pointer Exception in case of a remove operation. (OFBIZ-8001)
  • Popup calendar fails for ecomseo et Ecommerce (OFBIZ-8345)
  • Cannot edit images in Content (OFBIZ-7000)
  • Product page missing form elements (OFBIZ-8489)
  • Error due to missing entry of service resource in ofbiz-component.
  • Updating Party Content Image does not work (OFBIZ-8458) (OFBIZ-8347)
  • Footer text inconsistent in flatgray theme (OFBIZ-8625)
  • Console Warning: No parameter found for override parameter named ... (OFBIZ-7814)
  • Search Single Transactions From eBay not working (OFBIZ-8624)
  • Missing uiLabel on Export Products to eBay screen (OFBIZ-8508)
  • Column 'DATA_CATEGORY_ID' cannot accept a NULL value (OFBIZ-8282)
  • When we pass only "orderId" in "updateOrderHeader" service all values are getting null. (OFBIZ-8339)
  • Bursted Layout in screen "orderstatus" of Ecommerce (OFBIZ-8265)
  • Nonsense css value in html output (OFBIZ-8312)
  • Errormessage "Can't find resource for bundle" on EditProductContent (OFBIZ-8336)
  • Net Before Overhead Report is not working (OFBIZ-7317)