News from the Apache OFBiz community

ApacheCon Core EU 2015 will include a full Apache OFBiz track and the community discusses the redesign of its website, marketing and the project logo.

ApacheCon Core EU 2015

The OFBiz community has once again been allocated a full OFBiz track at ApacheCon Core EU 2015 in Budapest. After presenting a full track at the Apache Con US 2015 this is another great opportunity to present OFBiz and its versatility to new audiences. The track will be on 1st October and include a full range of presentations. Attending will be some of our OFBiz PMC, Committers and Contributors and we hope to also have some informal (and social) sessions together.

If you are interested in attending Apachecon then please register at .

Note that if you have multiple people attending, the Linux Foundation may be willing to offer group discounts.

Ongoing Discussions

Website Redesign

Discussions are in progress about a redesign of the Apache OFBiz website. The main intention is to better support the different target audiences who visit the website and present the information in a clear and easy to find way. You can follow the discussion at this mailing list thread.

Logo and Marketing

The project is also discussing ideas for a logo and the message that it should convey, see the mailing thread. The logo itself may need to be made available in different standard sizes.

Marketing is also being discussed as well as ways to create some general project marketing material that can be used by everyone.

Conferences and Events

This month PMC Member Nicolas Malin presented at the Recontres Mondiales du Logicels Libre (RMLL) in Beauvais, France, . The project is now looking at other possible events such as FOSDEM and Rencontres Regionales de Logiciel Libre (RRLL) where OFBiz could be presented.

Below now the detailed enhancements and bug fixes from July 2015.

New features and improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:

  • Set the focus on the 1st field of the scheduleForm in the setServiceParameterSync.ftl if it exists
  • Added EntityCondition.makeCondition("geoTypeId", "TERRITORY") in of trunk (OFBIZ-6542)
  • Passport Component for OAuth2: passport files include in ecomseo removed, quick start steps in README added. (OFBIZ-6135)
  • Changed OAuth2GitHubSeedData.xml and OAuth2LinkedInSeedData.xml from seed to demo as the productStoreId 9000 is in the demo data (OFBIZ-6548)
  • Create PDF with password protection in OFBiz (OFBIZ-6504).
    • Uses FOP 2.0 native encryption.
    • the embedded options are request parameters supported in, the options are listed here:
    • the default values of the options can be configured in framework/webapp/config/
    • Add an example in the example component to protect a PDF generated by FOP with owner password and user password. The demo page is /example/control/ExampleReportPdfOptions?exampleId=EX01
  • The description attribute of the display-entity element is now escaped to prevent the risk of an XSS attack.
  • Removed issuedDateTime from OrderItemQuantityReportGroupByProduct view entity as it doesn't exist in ItemIssuanceQuantitySum (OFBIZ-6555)
  • Replaced webtools/control/EntitySQLProcessor FTL with widgets (OFBIZ-6545). This replaces EntitySQLCommand ftl to widget. The list screen couldn't be migrated to widget due to dynamic column rendering.
  • Changed ProductProductJump zh label (OFBIZ-6564).
  • Used getCombinedMap instead of getParameterMap while preparing param map for string-map-prefix. Now string-map-prefix will work fine in case of ajax call as well (OFBIZ-6562).


Functional and technical bugfixes:

  • The focus-field-name form widget feature is broken (OFBIZ-6544)
  • ant load-extseed caused exception (OFBIZ-6553):
    • changed passport enditymodel.xml to remove the 3 warnings on ThirdPartyLogin during OFBiz start.
    • removed classpath of lib/* from ofbiz-component.xml as the path doesn't exist in the component.
  • streamContentToBrowser fails when the file name contains a comma, only with Chrome (OFBIZ-6554)
  • PartyContentWrapper.getPartyContentAsText use wrong signature (OFBIZ-6374)
  • Error in pagination in EditProdCatalogCategories (Catalog) (OFBIZ-6547). Added paginate-target="EditProdCatalogCategories" to "EditProdCatalogCategories" form to resolve this problem
  • Error in pagination in createProductSubscriptionResource (Catalog) (OFBIZ-5634). Added paginate-target="EditProductSubscriptionResources" to ListProductSubscriptionResources form to resolve this problem.
  • Set as default selGroup when none exist. This will prevent the unobvious error message "Unable to esablish a connection with the database. (Unable to acquire a new connection from the pool)" in most cases.
  • Error when changing language after using the product jump from the left part of the main product screen (OFBIZ-6552). Added a check on whether viewName is empty to view-last branch. If it's empty, try to use the value in the response config if it exists.
  • Wrong percent encoding in Webtools/SQL Processor (OFBIZ-6567)


  • Update LICENSE file with new jar version (pdfbox 1.8.5, jempbox 1.8.5, fontbox 1.8.5, xmlgraphics-commons 2.0.1, fop 2.0, batik-all 1.8) to support pdf encryption (OFBIZ-6504)