Apache OFBiz News November 2020

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month
we have news about Community Days, Shopify Integration, and OMS discussions along with our usual list of features, improvements, and


OFBiz Community Days

In the year 2017, we started celebrating the OFBiz community days. Since then we organize them once per quarter i.e. total of four (4) events throughout the year. The contribution during these days plays a very significant role in the overall progress of the project.

Please refer to the below links to know more:

In this month, the OFBiz community successfully organized community days of this quarter.
Please refer to the below mail thread for more details:

you missed it out, do mark your calendar with our next community day schedule which is planned for 26th February 2021 to 2nd March 2021.
You can also refer to the below link for the complete schedule:

Thanks to the organizing volunteers, participants, and to everyone who contributed to the success of this event.

Shopify Integration

The OFBiz community is discussing Shopify Integration where the community will talk about the requirements, challenges, and approaches to this
The community already had the introductory session giving us a general idea of OFBiz, Shopify, and what will follow in the coming sessions.

Here is the link to the first discussion:

If you want to be part of this discussion and share your experiences, join the conversation

Thanks to Ritesh Kumar for initiating it and to everyone who contributed to it.

OFBiz as OMS

As shared in our previous post, the OFBiz community is discussing where Apache
OFBiz stands as an Omnichannel Order Management System.
The community had the following discussions this month:

Pre-Order Management Challenge to Reserve Inventory for Stores First

Pre-Order Challenge to Communicating the Expected Delivery Date

Here is the link to the playlist for all the discussions:

you want to be part of this discussion and share your experiences, join the conversation

Thanks to Pranay Pandey for initiating it and to everyone who contributed to it.

OFBiz Statistics

Apache Kibble tracks some Apache OFBiz community statistics on its
demo instance, so we have highlighted a few of our stats for the last

  • JIRA Issue Tracker: 32 issues were opened and 25 issues were closed ( 6 different people helped to close these issues)
  • Code Change and Commit Activity:
    • Framework: 76 commits to the code base that changed 3,228 lines of code ( 6 committers were active)
    • Plugins: 6 commits to the code base that changed 155 lines of code ( 4 committers were active)
  • Mailing Lists:
    • Dev: 10 emails sent and 8 topics discussed (5 different people)
    • User: 40 emails sent and 12 topics discussed (15 different people)

New features and improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:


  • Updates tasks.checkstyleMain.maxErrors from 503 to 502 (GitHub Link)
  • Updates the LICENSE file date.format-1.2.3 is no longer present (GitHub Link)
  • Reflects XSS in content component (OFBIZ-11840)
  • Misc trivial changes done while working on others issues (GitHub Link)
  • Prevents possible post-auth RCE from webtools/control/ProgramExport (OFBIZ-12055)
  • Adds multiple "es" and "es-MX" values. Adds Mexican Federal Holidays, fixes: Mexican States Abbreviations (GitHub Link)
  • Comments out HideUtilityClassConstructor in checkstyle.xml (OFBIZ-12061)
  • Loads language js for date.js only when required (OFBIZ-12064)
  • Updates IND Geo data as per 2020-11-24 notification (#240) (GitHub Link)
  • Improves makeRangeCondition in file EntityDateFilterCondition.java (OFBIZ-12051)
  • Moves page-specific script links to html template (OFBIZ-11799)


  • Adds ASL2 headers to REDOC file (OFBIZ-11328)
  • Adds Root Resource class to list all available endpoints (OFBIZ-11328)


Functional and technical bugfixes:


  • Fixes sorting of lists generates undesired results (OFBIZ-8302)
  • Fixes Typo in README.adoc (GitHub Link)
  • Fixes: NotSerializableException using uploadPartyContentFile service (OFBIZ-12050)
  • Fixes: handles special characters like single quote in Freemarker template (prevent encoding) (OFBIZ-12029)
  • Prevents Zip Slip vulnerability (OFBIZ-12056)
  • Spelling correction in a link to pluginsdoc document (GitHub Link)
  • Prevents arbitary file write using webtools/control/EntitySQLProcessor (OFBIZ-12057)
  • Fixes issue in ServiceDemoData.xml due to an error with MX_FED_HOLIDAYS (GitHub Link)
  • Fixes: .sh missing in Unix-like OS: `./gradle/init-gradle-wrapper` (GitHub Link)
  • Replaces java.io.File::renameTo by java.nio.file.Files::move (OFBIZ-12063)
  • Revertes: Replaces java.io.File::renameTo by java.nio.file.Files::move (OFBIZ-12063)
  • Uses correct syntax to concatenate bash variable and string such that wget command runs properly (OFBIZ-12066)
  • Fixes: jquery.ui.datepicker-en.js does not exist (OFBIZ-12071)
  • Fixes: edit button(s) are shown for shipments received or shipped (OFBIZ-11788)


  • Fixes: product summary cards don't have uniform height (OFBIZ-11910) (#46)



  • OFBizDocumentationSystem migration to Asciidoc (OFBIZ-11364)
  • Adds a Global Glossary for user-documentation (OFBIZ-10303)
  • Synchronizes wiki page End User Documentation (OFBIZ-12059)
  • HR Doc drive by process (OFBIZ-11026)
  • Migrates Wiki Glossary to glossary asciidoc files (OFBIZ-12060)
  • Adds simple remark about Glossary and moves keyboard shortcuts and using icons in Text formatting (GitHub Link)
  • User Manual: changes the level of Core Business Application from 2 to 1 (OFBIZ-11036)


  • Synchronizes wiki page End User Documentation (OFBIZ-12059)