Apache OFBiz News November 2019

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month we
share with you details of our usual list of features, improvements and

OFBiz Statistics

Apache Kibble tracks some Apache OFBiz community statistics on its
demo instance, so we have highlighted a few of our stats for the last

  • JIRA Issue Tracker: 36 issues were opened and 27 issues were closed ( 5 different people helped to close these issues)
  • Code Change and Commit Activity:
    • Framework: 87 commits to the code base that changed 3,027 lines of code ( 7 committers were active)
    • Plugins: 13 commits to the code base that changed 867 lines of code ( 4 committers were active)
  • Mailing Lists:
    • Dev: 114 emails sent and 19 topics discussed (17 different people)
    • User: 96 emails sent and 23 topics discussed (24 different people)

New features and improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:


  • Provides a Test Commit that removes an unnecessary blank line (GitHub Link)
  • Creates .sonarcloud.properties (GitHub Link)
  • Imporoves Lint 'ServiceEventHandler' class (OFBIZ-11260)
  • Removes 'ServiceEventHandler#checkSecureParameter' (OFBIZ-11260)
  • Adds a reference to remembering warning message (OFBIZ-10019)
  • Provides a test to show dependency resolution algorithm problem (OFBIZ-11275)
  • Adds a generic directed graph utilitary class (OFBIZ-11275)
  • Improves webtools/control/FindGeneric (OFBIZ-11253)
  • Converts AutoAcctgInvoiceTests Unit Test from XML to Groovy (OFBIZ-11277)
  • Adds an enconding type attribute for import data file tools (OFBIZ-10234)
  • Defines 'gradlew' variable in 'build.gradle' only once (GitHub Link)
  • Uses 'depends-on' attribute instead of 'component-load.xml' (OFBIZ-11296)
  • Removes exclusion of files from component 'config' directories (OFBIZ-11161)
  • References the Servlet javadoc from Apache Tomcat (OFBIZ-11300)
  • Removes unnecessary explicit Tomcat dependencies (OFBIZ-11300)
  • Upgrades Tomcat 9.0.27 to 9.0.29 (OFBIZ-11300)
  • Resolves: TODO: Convert this to a operation (GitHub Link)



Functional and technical bugfixes:


  • Fixes: baseEcommerceSecureUrl does not work in ecomseo. (OFBIZ-11267)
  • Fixes: content/control/WebSiteCms?webSiteId=CmsSite fails (OFBIZ-11266)
  • Fixes: Getting policy error while editing html text data using cms (OFBIZ-11265)
  • Fixes linting issues (OFBIZ-11265)
  • Fixes class SeoContextFilter is not able to handle query strings (OFBIZ-11278)
  • Fixes possible NPE in StringUtil#strToMap (OFBIZ-11281)
  • Adds missing view permissions checks to various screens (GitHub Link)
  • Provides usage of 'include-form' instead of 'include-grid' in PartyScreens.xml for grid elements (OFBIZ-11286)
  • Fixes: Error while CSR creates a return (OFBIZ-11068)
  • Fixes: Production run not created for marketing package auto type product if component inventory is not available (OFBIZ-10585)
  • Fixes: liniting issues introduced by commit 'd00208c' (OFBIZ-10585)
  • Removes unneeded space after parenthesis (GitHub Link)
  • Fixes: Number problem while cancelling order item (OFBIZ-11283)
  • Removes dependency management from 'ComponentContainer' (OFBIZ-11275)


  • Removes double forward slashes in ecommerce emails (OFBIZ-2618)
  • Fixes: Link in verification email for Newsletter gives security error (OFBIZ-9804)
  • Adds missing view permissions checks to various screens (GitHub Link)
  • Uses correct package name for 'OrderNotificationTests.groovy' (GitHub Link)