Apache OFBiz News June 2019

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month we have more news about 'Getting Started with Apache OFBiz Manufacturing & MRP in 5 Easy Steps' tutorial by Sharan Foga, Apache Roadshow India along with our usual list of features, improvements and Statistics.

Getting Started with Apache OFBiz Manufacturing & MRP in 5 Easy Steps tutorial by Sharan Foga is now under ASL v2

Sharan Foga has recently announced to release the copyright for this tutorial document "Getting Started with Apache OFBiz Manufacturing & MRP in 5 Easy Steps" and contribute it under ASL v2.

The document is a ultimate resource for a novice end user who wants to understand what is available with OFBiz manufacturing "out of the box".  

Thank you so much, Sharan for this invaluable contribution. It will add a lot of value to the project.

A new confluence document will be created from PDF, updating the screenshots, etc. in original PDF document to sync with the latest OFBiz release.

Thanks Swapnil M Mane and Archana Asthana for putting efforts in this direction. 

Initial version of improved document can be found here.

Please refer to this mail thread for more details.

Apache Roadshow India in 2020

Apache community is exploring the possibility of Apache Roadshow India in 2020.

If the roadshow is approved, we are planning to have a dedicated OFBiz track.

Please refer to these mail threads, [1] and [2] for more details.   

OFBiz Statistics

Apache Kibble tracks some Apache OFBiz community statistics on its demo instance, so we have highlighted a few of our stats for the last month:

  • JIRA Issue Tracker: 46 issues were opened and 42 issues were closed (13 different people helped to close these issues)
  • Code Change and Commit Activity:
    • Framework: 112 commits to the code base that changed 5,798 lines of code (10 committers were active)
    • Plugins: 21 commits to the code base that changed 356 lines of code (5 committers were active)
  • Mailing Lists:
    • Dev: 185 emails sent and 35 topics discussed (37 different people)
    • User: 103 emails sent and 30 topics discussed (36 different people)

New features and improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:


  • Adds Debug error statement for freemarker 'OFBIZ_DEFAULT_HANDLER' to make debugging easier. (OFBIZ-10817)
  • Refactors class ‘EntityDataLoadContainer’. (OFBIZ-11070)
  • Adds missing ‘static’ modifier for private methods. (OFBIZ-11098)
  • Uses the ‘Deque’ interface in ‘ContainerLoader’. (OFBIZ-11099)
  • Extracts ‘intersects’ predicate in a method. (OFBIZ-11099)
  • Updates Tomcat to 9.0.21. (OFBIZ-11102)
  • Adds unit test case for service - CreateReturnStatus. (OFBIZ-8860)
  • Removes the Gradle wrapper jar. (OFBIZ-10145)
  • Adds JUnit test case for creating a retrun header. (OFBIZ-8808)
  • Adds unit test case for service - GetReturnAmountByOrder. (OFBIZ-8861)
  • Refactors Gradle createPlugin task to reflect the actual file/folder structure of scripts. (OFBIZ-10903)
  • Adds unit test case for service - getPayments. (OFBIZ-9092)
  • Improves order detail page. (OFBIZ-7257)
  • Adds unit test case for service - CheckCreateStockRequirementQoh. (OFBIZ-8939)
  • Provides JSON entity data import and export utility. (OFBIZ-10966)
  • Rewrites ‘ComponentConfig#getAllClasspathInfos’. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Rewrites ‘ComponentConfig#getAllConfigurations’ (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Rewrites ‘ComponentConfig#getAllKeystoreInfos’. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Rewrites ‘ComponentConfig#getAllServiceResourceInfos’. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Rewrites ‘ComponentConfig#getAllTestSuiteInfos’. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Rewrites ‘ComponentConfig#getAllWebappResourceInfos’. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Inlines ‘ComponentConfig#isFileResourceLoader’. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Rewrites ‘ComponentConfig#getKeystoreInfo’. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Rewrites ‘ComponentConfig#getAllEntityResourceInfos’. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Adds ‘ComponentConfig#matchingComponentName’ static method. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Adds ‘ComponentConfig#components’ static method. (OFBIZ-11101)
  • Inlines ‘StringUtil#toMap’. (OFBIZ-11014)
  • Makes private methods static when possible. (OFBIZ-10966)
  • Removes dead code. (OFBIZ-10966)
  • Adds missing generics. (OFBIZ-10966)
  • Uses ‘ServletRequest#getServletContext’ when possible. (OFBIZ-11129)
  • Adds static method ‘RequestHandler#from’. (OFBIZ-11129)
  • Refactors ‘trackStats’ and ‘trackVisit’. (OFBIZ-11130)
  • Uses try with resources in ‘readXmlDocument’. (OFBIZ-8202)
  • Removes useless ‘null’ check in ‘EventFactory’. (OFBIZ-10911)
  • Factorizes collecting events defined in 'controller.xml'. (OFBIZ-10453)
  • Rewrites ‘loadHandlerMap’. (OFBIZ-10453)
  • Explains how the previous item is handled when rendering form. (r1862227)


  • Adds missing ‘static’ modifier for private methods. (OFBIZ-11098)
  • Updates Tomcat to 9.0.21. (OFBIZ-11102)
  • Provides better use of ‘ServletRequest#getServletContext’. (OFBIZ-11129)


Functional and technical bugfixes:


  • Fixes: Create New Product Promo screen should have Create Button instead of Update. (OFBIZ-11104)
  • Fixes: Create New Shipment screen should have Create button instead of Update button. (OFBIZ-11117)
  • Fixes log message: 'Unknown request [images]; this request does not exist or cannot be called directly'. (OFBIZ-10895)
  • Removes override directives to let the system perform proper validation of user input. (r1860592)
  • Fixes: Html escaping missing for renderLink parameters. (OFBIZ-11090)
  • Provides fine tuning for sanitization of user input by allowing 'safe' content. (r1860613)
  • Fixes: Profile of contact person not shown on quick add of contact in SFA. (OFBIZ-7816)
  • Fixes typo in the NOTICE file content. (r1861615)
  • Fixes: Promotion condition/action type of few promotion not showing. (OFBIZ-10794)
  • Fixes: AutoDescription of promotion showing invalid text. (OFBIZ-10853)
  • Fixes: Issue with Status of invoice. (OFBIZ-10310)
  • Fixes: Getting an error while creating event from SFA without providing event name. (OFBIZ-11109)
  • Fixes: Issue of agreement overview does not show names of parties. (OFBIZ-10900)
  • Fixes: Issue in which eCommerce anonymous contactus was having wrong fromAddress. (OFBIZ-10844)
  • Fixes: Logo image not showing on party profile. (OFBIZ-9299)
  • Allows to create a single file if both directory and filename is provided by user. (OFBIZ-11124)
  • Fixes: No proper error message displayed if user misses to select entities in exporting XML data. (OFBIZ-11125)
  • Fixes: User should be notified with success message on MRP run in manufacturing component. (OFBIZ-9533)
  • Adds missing import. (OFBIZ-10453)
  • Fixes: supplierProductId should have consistent types across entities. (OFBIZ-10150)


  • Fixes: Request details are overlapping with language and cart summary. (OFBIZ-10739)
  • Fixes: eCommerce image distorted in trunk demo main page. (OFBIZ-11095)
  • Fixes: Wrong page title displayed on contact us page of eCommerce. (OFBIZ-11062)
  • Fixes: Blank page appears after using Tell-A-Friend functionality while adding item to cart. (OFBIZ-10885)
  • Fixes: UI issue on Contact Us page of eCommerce application. (OFBIZ-11061)
  • Fixes: Last Categories section is blank. (OFBIZ-10858)