Apache OFBiz News February 2019

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month we have more news about OFBiz build support with Java Open JDK & Java 11 and, we welcome a new committer along with our usual list of features and improvements.

New Committer

During February the Project Management Committee (PMC) invited Mathieu Lirzin as a new committer. Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Mathieu in his new role on the project, and also thanking him for all his contributions.

Enabling HTTP/2 in the embedded Tomcat connectors

The Tomcat instance embedded in OFBiz now allows communicattion using the HTTP/2 protocol, when the client supports it. The setting will be enabled by default, by setting upgradeProtocol to true in the HTTP and HTTPS connectors though they will continue to support HTTP/1.1. If the upgradeProtocol property is not set then the new protocol will not be enabled.

Please refer to Mail thread.

Thanks, Jacopo Cappellato for the efforts, Jacques & Taher for your valuable inputs and everyone who contributed to this effort 

Support with Java Open JDK and Java 11

Considering that now Oracle JDKs are no more free for commercial use, the community discussed & decided to provide OFBiz support with openJDK Java build. It was also decided to keep release 17.12 (unreleased) on Java 8, and 18.12 (unreleased) & trunk be switched to Java 11 on OpenJDK

Please refer to OFBIZ-10757, Mail thread, and Mail thread.

Thanks, Jacopo, Jacques, Michael, Taher, Deepak and to everyone who gave their valuable inputs. 

Close pending works from Christian Carlow

The community admires the efforts of Christian Carlow. Since he has been inactive for a very long time with no progress on the work by him, the community has decided to close tickets with obsolete patches as 'won't do'.

Please refer to Mail thread.

Thanks, Jacques for initiating and putting efforts in this direction, Michael, Taher, and Pierre for their valuable inputs.

New features and improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:


  • Refactors the startup API to completely remove the startup loaders collection (c304376a)
  • Makes the ecomThemeId field optional, since it is not the part of PK (OFBIZ-10567)
  • Adds translations es and es-CL in Product Component (OFBIZ-10830)
  • Improves ObjectInputStream class (OFBIZ-10837)
  • Updates code to fix some deprecated method call warnings (OFBIZ-10757)
  • Separetes 'ComponentConfig' webapps cache to multiple ‘WebAppCache’ (OFBIZ-10606)


  • Updates plugin code to fix console warning related to deprecated method. Removes double constructor call as its depracated since JDK 9. Also replaces the CellType::getCellTypeEnum method call with CellTyoe::getCellType (OFBIZ-10757)


Functional and technical bugfixes:


  • Fixes: Html escaping missing for portalPageId parameter of Help button (OFBIZ-10828)
  • Fixes: Error parsing JWT (OFBIZ-10814)
  • Fixes: URL does not encode in FTL 'EditCategoryProducts' (OFBIZ-10816)
  • Fixes: Add To Order button does not work on shopping list screen (OFBIZ-10836)
  • Adds missing tests for ‘WebAppCache’ (OFBIZ-10606)
  • Fixes: No userLogin given in calculateProductPrice service call context (OFBIZ-10842)


  • Fixes: 404 error while creating/updating contact information from the checkout page (OFBIZ-10827)