Apache OFBiz News December 2020

Welcome to our regular monthly round-up of OFBiz news. This month
we have news about Docker adoption, a new tutorial effort, and OMS
discussions along with our usual list of features, improvements, and


Adopting Docker

Docker has certainly revolutionized development by making it easier to
create, deploy, and run applications using containers. During this
month, the community discussed upon adoption of Docker for OFBiz where
they discussed various use cases for its adoption and possible

If you want to be part of this discussion and contribute towards the efforts, join the conversation

to Eugen Stan for initiating this discussion, Daniel Watford, Ean
Schuessler, and John Lee for sharing their valuable inputs.

New Tutorial Efforts

Apache OFBiz community is having discussions for creating new tutorials to improve the experience of users. Last month interested community members had their kickoff meeting to define the roadmap of the efforts.

Here is the link to the first discussion:

you want to be part of this discussion and contribute towards the efforts, join the conversation

to Pranay Pandey for initiating this effort, and Nameet Jain, Benjamin
Jugl, Olivier Heintz, Devanshu Vyas, Nicola Mazzoni, Giulio Speri,
Praveen Patil, Suraj Khurana, Jechev, and Aditya Sharma for showing
their interest in building these assets for the community.

OFBiz as OMS

As shared in our previous post, the OFBiz community is discussing where Apache
OFBiz stands as an Omnichannel Order Management System.
The community had the following discussions this month:

Pre-Order Challenge - How to control overselling/over-promising?

Pre-Order Vs Backorder

Here is the link to the playlist for all the discussions:

you want to be part of this discussion and share your experiences, join the conversation

Thanks to Pranay Pandey for initiating it and to everyone who contributed to it.

OFBiz Statistics

Apache Kibble tracks some Apache OFBiz community statistics on its
demo instance, so we have highlighted a few of our stats for the last

  • JIRA Issue Tracker: 38 issues were opened and 35 issues were closed ( 9 different people helped to close these issues)
  • Code Change and Commit Activity:
    • Framework: 95 commits to the code base that changed 6,335 lines of code ( 4 committers were active)
    • Plugins: 14 commits to the code base that changed 223 lines of code ( 2 committers were active)
  • Mailing Lists:
    • Dev: 96 emails sent and 23 topics discussed ( 28 different people)
    • User: 86 emails sent and 30 topics discussed ( 34 different people)

New features and improvements

Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring:


  • Updates tasks.checkstyleMain.maxErrors from 280 to 286 (GitHub Link)
  • Makes locale available for DateFindField and DateTimeField macros (OFBIZ-12086)
  • Moves page-specific script links to html template (OFBIZ-11799)
  • Adds the HTML input accept Attribute in form widgets and Freemaker templates (OFBIZ-12049)
  • Improves: Notes for Tomcat SSO (GitHub Link)
  • Improves: Invoice import is not visible from UI and not working (OFBIZ-12089)
  • Improves: Gradle logging hygiene (OFBIZ-12085)
  • Adds unique identifier data to portlet context (OFBIZ-12090)
  • Updates build.gradle to the latest dependencies (OFBIZ-12092)
  • Changes inline style to class for wait-spinner (OFBIZ-12095)
  • Adds notes to js funcs (GitHub Link)
  • Supports Freemarker square interpolation syntax (OFBIZ-12099)
  • Removes hardcoded product category on CategoryWorker.getCatalogTopCategory (OFBIZ-12078)
  • Improves: Do not limit form width if asm_formSize is not defined (OFBIZ-12102)
  • Improves: Creates 'New Communication' button should be removed from create new communication screen (OFBIZ-12027)


  • Uses a label for "uploadedFile" in form widgets (GitHub Link)
  • Improves: Hyperlink target-type attribute is deprecated and should be replaced by url-mode (OFBIZ-12091)
  • Updates build.gradle to the latest dependencies (OFBIZ-12092)
  • Changes inline style to class for wait-spinner (OFBIZ-12095)


Functional and technical bugfixes:


  • Fixes: Secure the uploads (OFBIZ-12080)
  • Fixes: jquery.ui.datepicker-en.js does not exist (OFBIZ-12071)
  • Fixes: Label issue on List Companies page (OFBIZ-12023)
  • Corrects spelling for μManager. (GitHub Link)
  • Fixes: Hyperlink title under form widget doesn't support character encoding for special characters (OFBIZ-12026)
  • Fixes: Error with Flat Grey theme related to rest component (OFBIZ-12093)
  • Fixes: Update build.gradle to the latest dependencies (OFBIZ-12092)
  • Fixes: Wait spinner doesn't show when running ajaxUpdateArea (OFBIZ-12094)
  • Fixes: Post-auth XSS vulnerability at catalog/control/EditProductPromo (OFBIZ-12096)
  • Fixes: Date picker not initialised in ajax-called form (OFBIZ-12097)
  • Fixes: Make ruleName field in PriceForms.xml#AddPriceRules safe (OFBIZ-12098)
  • Fixes: Issue in creating promotion action (OFBIZ-11168)
  • Fixes: Unique form names for promo actions (OFBIZ-12082)
  • Fixes: partymgr fails to upload image (OFBIZ-12101)


  • Fixes: Secure the uploads (OFBIZ-12080)
  • Fixes: Lucene TopScoreDocCollector::create wrong call in the 2 Search.groovy scripts (OFBIZ-12087)
  • Fixes Issue: Displaying company and product information at product backlog, subcomponent of Scrum Application (GitHub Link)



  • Documents why not upgrading org.jdom:jdom:1.1.3 (GitHub Link)