The Apache OFBiz community is pleased to announce the new release "Apache OFBiz 16.11.01".

Apache OFBiz® is an open source product for the automation of enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications.

"Apache OFBiz 16.11.01" is the latest and greatest release of OFBiz. The highlights of this release include:

  • * Switch of the build system to Gradle
  • * Removal of all libraries from OFBiz
  • * Introduction of a plugin management system
  • * Introduction of a unit testing framework
  • * Conversion of all namespaces to org.apache.ofbiz
  • * Inclusion of all "specialpurpose" components
  • * Refactoring of source file layouts to be more compliant with project standards
  • * Simplification of the code base by leveraging various framework tools (e.g. "entity-auto" services)
  • * Numerous features, bug fixes and refactoring of the code base.

For more details please refer to the release notes,

All users of previous releases including:

  • * Apache OFBiz 13.07.*
  • * Apache OFBiz 12.04.*
  • * Apache OFBiz 11.04.*

are encouraged to upgrade to this last version and to get in touch with the community (at to provide feedback or to receive help in the upgrade.

The release file can be downloaded following the instructions in the OFBiz download page:

Special Dedication

The 16.11 releases are all dedicated to the memory of OFBiz Committer and ex PMC member Adrian Crum. Adrian passed away on 1st January 2016 and his loss is strongly felt. He was a valued member of the OFBiz community and his legacy will live on in the OFBiz codebase and in the lives of everyone he touched.

The OFBiz community.