The Apache OFBiz community is pleased to announce the new release "Apache OFBiz 12.04.06".

Apache OFBiz™ is an open source product for the automation of enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications.

"Apache OFBiz 12.04.06" is a bug fix release for the 12.04 series; all users of Apache OFBiz 12.04.* series are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release because the new release contains several improvements and bug fixes, including fixes for the following vulnerabilities:

CVE-2015-3268 - Information disclosure vulnerability

CVE-2016-2170 - Java deserialization vulnerability

Release notes are available here: Release Notes - 12.04.06

Note: this is the last release of the 12.04 series so please consider upgrading to the 13.07 series.

The release file can be downloaded following the instructions in the OFBiz download page:

The OFBiz Team.