The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the
Apache Maven SCM, version 2.0.0-M2.

Maven SCM supports Maven plugins (for example maven-release-plugin) and other tools by providing
them with a common API for source code management operations. You can look at the list of SCMs for
more information on using Maven SCM with your favorite SCM tool.

Release Notes - Maven SCM Version 2.0.0-M2

  • Bugs:

    • SCM-807 - JGit impl check-in fails unless the Maven project is in the working copy root
    • SCM-913 - NPE on ChangeSet.toString() when no mergedRevisions are set
    • SCM-945 - Support OpenSSH private keys with maven-scm-provider-jgit
    • SCM-976 - GitExe changelog does not work in if the user has defined a custom format
    • SCM-981 - Several integration tests are never run and fail if you do
    • SCM-986 - SvnExe's SvnRemoteInfoCommand incorrectly implemented
    • SCM-991 - GitDiffConsumer cannot parse moved files
  • New Feature:

    • SCM-977 - Support for retrieving tags from the changelog
  • Improvements:

    • SCM-925 - Implement RemoveCommand in maven-scm-provider-jgit with TCK test for all providers
    • SCM-942 - No run-its, tck-local and tck-hg profiles
    • SCM-943 - scm:check-local-modification does not support excludes
    • SCM-992 - Support explicitly configured SSH private key for gitexe provider
    • SCM-993 - Add tests for SSH private key-based authentication during checkout (clone)
    • SCM-994 - Add JGit CredentialsProvider based on Plexus Interactivity API
    • SCM-999 - Document provider IDs
  • Test:

    • SCM-989 - Tests fail if svn and/or git are not installed
  • Tasks:

    • SCM-979 - Replace Plexus Container Default with Sisu Plexus Shim
    • SCM-980 - Remove code duplication in ListMojo
    • SCM-983 - Drop SCM Logger in favor of SLF4J
    • SCM-984 - Replace use of JUnit 3 PlexusTestCase with Junit 4
    • SCM-985 - Drop/replace usage of Commons Lang 2
    • SCM-995 - Upgrade JGit to 5.13.1 and leverage Apache Mina SSHD instead of JSch
  • Dependency upgrades:

    • SCM-978 - Upgrade Maven prerequisite to 3.2.5
    • SCM-982 - Upgrade to Java 8


-The Apache Maven team