The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the
Apache Maven SCM, version 1.10.0.

Maven SCM supports Maven 2.x plugins (e.g. maven-release-plugin) and other
tools (e.g. Continuum) by providing them with a common API for doing SCM
operations. You can look at the list of SCMs for more information on using
Maven SCM with your favorite SCM tool.

Release Notes – Maven SCM Version 1.10.0


  • SCM-763 – Password masking for svnexe does not handle all cases
  • SCM-797 – gitexe checkIn() fails due to Windows command line length limitation
  • SCM-814 – Dead links on Maven SCM plugin usage page and Maven SCM Providers Matrix page
  • SCM-818 – Updating doesn’t work when in detached HEAD
  • SCM-821 – fix incorrect resolving of branch name from HG outgoing changes && NPE in HgUtils.differentOutgoingBranchFound
  • SCM-829 – CommandParameter incorrectly removed from parameter list
  • SCM-836 – scm:bootstrap throws NPE
  • SCM-846 – userInfo in Git HTTP URLs not escaped according to RFC 3986
  • SCM-862 – apache-rat complains about Eclipse .checkstyle files
  • SCM-863 – NPE in GlobalOptions.setCVSRoot(null) with newer cvsclient
  • SCM-865 – cvsnt: rls: invalid option — d
  • SCM-866 – Cvs ScmProvider.list() does not return correct entries
  • SCM-867 – ScmWagon has no way to work with CVS and SVN in binary mode
  • SCM-868 – gitexe add() does not return added files when invoked in subdir
  • SCM-869 – gitexe list() implemented incorrectly
  • SCM-874 – ScmResult output password masking does not handle multiline text
  • SCM-875 – GitUpdateCommand assumes master branch by default
  • SCM-878 – AbstractConsumer#parseDate() logs wrong locale in case of a ParseException
  • SCM-879 – JazzChangeLogCommandTest#testListChangesetConsumerWithTimeOnly() fails with NPE on Java 10
  • SCM-881 – ScmWagon has no way to work with SVN in binary mode
  • SCM-882 – ScmWagon has no way to work with GIT in binary mode
  • SCM-886 – Tests with checkin rely on global git config
  • SCM-887 – Plexus Utils 3.0.24 makes some tests fail
  • SCM-888 – Changelog generation fails on Windows with Mercurial SCM


  • SCM-739 – Release Plugin: Use “git —depth 1” When Checking Out
  • SCM-748 – Automatically create parent dirs with ‘svn —parents’
  • SCM-855 – Upgrade to Java 7
  • SCM-873 – Improve documentation on svn-settings.xml and git-settings.xml
  • SCM-884 – Upgrade jgit to last version of java 7 release (
  • SCM-885 – Extend GitChangeLogCommand by using revision only


  • SCM-876 – switch from Git-WIP to Gitbox

Dependency upgrade:

  • SCM-824 – Upgrade Plexus Utils to 3.0.24


-The Apache Maven team