The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the
Apache Maven JavaDoc Plugin, version 3.2.0.

The Javadoc Plugin uses the Javadoc tool to generate javadocs for the
specified project.



You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:

Release Notes – Apache Maven JavaDoc Plugin – Version 3.2.0

  • Bugs:

    • MJAVADOC-607 – followLinks fix to get redirect target breaks for certain sites
    • MJAVADOC-609 – Include jars for which module name cannot be determined on the classpath
    • MJAVADOC-612 – UnsupportedOperationException for javadoc:aggregate with multi modules with jpms
    • MJAVADOC-616 – JavadocReportTest.testOptionsUmlautEncoding fails on Windows with default ecnoding that does not support umlauts
    • MJAVADOC-620 – Maven Javadoc Plugin fails to resolve the dependencies when used with Java 11
    • MJAVADOC-639 – aggregate should use all requires static from maven modules
  • New Feature:

    • MJAVADOC-627 – Reproducible Builds: make entries in output jar files reproducible (order + timestamp)
  • Improvements:

    • MJAVADOC-613 – Exclude some modules with aggregate goals
    • MJAVADOC-626 – Detect stale files and skip generation if not needed
    • MJAVADOC-632 – agggregate using jpms and non jar module is failing
    • MJAVADOC-636 – Exclude some modules when building aggregate
    • MJAVADOC-637 – make build Reproducible
    • MJAVADOC-640 – Ability to exclude maven modules from javadoc aggregate goals
  • Dependency upgrades:

    • MJAVADOC-635 – upgrade plexus-java 1.0.4
    • MJAVADOC-638 – upgrade Doxia Sitetools to 1.9.2 to remove dependency on Struts


-The Apache Maven team