The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the
Doxia Site Tools Version 1.9,

Doxia Sitetools is an extension of base Doxia component that generates either
HTML sites, consisting of decoration and content that was generated by Doxia,
or documents like RTF or PDF.

Release Notes – Maven Doxia base – Version 1.9

You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page.

Release Notes – Maven Doxia Sitetools – Version 1.9


  • DOXIA-497 – APTSink: links and paragraphs inside tables
  • DOXIA-538 – Tag used for monospaced is not a valid html5 tag
  • DOXIA-567 – update dependency schema: pegdown not used any more but flexmark-java
  • DOXIA-570 – Unescaped links in xml based figureGraphics elements
  • DOXIA-577 – Handle whitespace in tables properly in ConfluenceSink
  • DOXIA-578 – Boxed verbatim sections uses incorrect Confluence syntax
  • DOXIA-579 – Lists in Confluence syntax requires 2 line breaks after the list
  • DOXIA-581 – Provide a usable output implementation for definition lists
  • DOXIA-582 – Text within a monospace block need to escape characters with special meaning in Confluence
  • DOXIA-583 – XhtmlBaseSink: Table caption is escaped incorrectly

New Feature:

  • DOXIA-584 – Support rewriting multiple page documentation crosslinks from .md to .html


  • DOXIA-409 – Upgrade to Apache FOP 2.2 (was 1.0)
  • DOXIA-528 – Enable rendering of HTML5 data- attributes
  • DOXIA-575 – Add support for (X)HTML5
  • DOXIA-585 – Propagate macro related exceptions to caller in xhtml parser
  • DOXIA-587 – Maven site generate invalid link with markdown


  • DOXIA-586 – Removed unused properties and cleaned up pom file
  • DOXIA-591 – Require minimum Java 7 at runtime

Dependency upgrades:

  • DOXIA-572 – Upgrade parent to 32
  • DOXIA-576 – Upgrade Http Components to 4.4.11 (core) and 4.5.8 (httpclient)
  • DOXIA-592 – Upgrade Markdown parser – flexmark-java to 0.42.8
  • DOXIA-593 – Upgrade to Apache FOP 2.3


-The Apache Maven team