Congratulations to the Apache Lucene.Net Developers and Community! We've made it out of incubation. 

Seems like a relatively quick road; About a year an a half ago the Lucene.Net project was in danger of being retired. A few people brought it back and Lucene.Net entered the Apache Incubator. We've had a couple of releases, 2.9.2, 2.9.4, 2.9.4g and we're nearly ready to release big changes with 3.0.3. We've added new committers and have worked toward rebuilding our community.

At the August 15th board meeting, the board voted unanimously to accept our graduation resolution, officially moving us out of the Incubator. Over the next couple of weeks, we've be moving all of our resources out of the incubator into our new permanent home, mailing lists will be updated, website update, svn repositories, etc.