After 2 years of experimental development the Apache Logging project has moved the log4j 2.0 code to the main trunk of log4j. You can find the code at

Log4j 2.0 supports Java 5.0 and has many interesting features including:

  • Support for using the SLF4J or Commons Logging APIs
  • Configuration via JSON (as well as XML)
  • Automatic reloading of configurations without losing logging events
  • Plugin architecture that allows new components to easily be added
  • Allows variables from System Properties, MDC, Log event data, and more to be accessed in the configuration

Your help would be greatly appreciated! Please provide feedback, suggestions and questions to

Patches, enhancement requests and bugs can be reported to:

A website is prepared but has not been deployed to yet. Ralph Goers, who initiated the work on Log4j2, has uploaded a preview at

Best regards,
Your Logging team