Continuing on from yesterday's blog post on Smart Typing Pairs, let's look at another time-saving feature in JSPWiki's Haddock plain editor: Tab Completion.

When Tab Completion is enabled, certain keywords typed into the editor will expand into JSPWiki markup when followed by a Tab keystroke.

Enable Tab Completion in the Haddock editor's settings menu:

Enabling JSPWiki Tab Completion

A good example demonstrating the use of Tab Completion is adding a table of contents. Without Tab Completion, adding a table of contents is achieved by manually entering the following markup:


To add a table of contents using Tab Completion, enter the keyword toc followed by a Tab keystroke. JSPWiki automatically expands the keyword into the full markup.

Other Tab Completion examples include the sign keyword (which inserts a user's signature and date), and the quote keyword (which creates fancy formatting for quoted content).

The full set of available keywords is listed here, and you can also add your own custom keywords.