JSPWiki by default displays content differences between page versions line-by-line. This is often not fine-grained enough to easily identify specific changes—especially in longer pages with lots of content.

In JSPWiki this setting is known as the difference provider. You can configure alternative difference providers, one of which is the ContextualDiffProvider. The ContextualDiffProvider enables displaying of page version differences on a word-by-word basis.

Here's an example of page differences with the default TraditionalDiffProvider enabled:

Illustrating JSPWiki difference providers

Note that while only one word and one character has changed, the entire sentence is highlighted. For comparison here are the same changes with the ContextualDiffProvider enabled:

Illustrating JSPWiki difference providers

Clicking on the blue highlighted double arrows to the left or right of a change will jump to the previous or next change respectively:

Jumping between changes using the ContextualDiff provider

You can find more information on JSPWiki's difference providers here, and you can make the setting in your jspwiki-custom.properties file.