Just a quick announcement that last week we put out our second release of Apache Isis from the incubator, namely 0.2.0-incubating.

The main theme in this release is to try to simplify things a little, so that would-be users can more easily grok what Isis is about:

  • We've updated the website, hopefully explaining better what Isis is and what use cases it hits.
  • we now have the online demo linked directly from the website.
  • the archetype has also been reworked; rather than have a module for each of the viewers, we've reduced the number of viewers (just HTML viewer and JSON viewer) and put them into a single webapp module.

You can read full release notes here.

And, as for all Isis releases, the release can be found in the Maven central repo, you can use the Maven archetype to create a quickstart app, or you can download the release and build it from source.

By the way, work is well under way on the next release, where the plan is to re-introduce the Scimpi viewer to the archetype, and also to bring in NoSQL (MongoDB) support.