The Isis team is pleased to announce the release of:
- Apache Isis Core version 1.2.0
- Wicket Viewer 1.2.0
- Restful Objects Viewer 2.0.0
- JDO Object Store 1.1.0
- Shiro Security 1.1.1
- File Security 1.0.1
- Quickstart Archetype 1.0.3
There have been many new features and improvements in this release.  Some highlights include:
- core publishing service
- core pluggable recognition of exception handling
- core 'injectXxx()' new prefix for injecting services
- core @RenderAsDayBefore annotation
- core Comparable methods automatically hidden
- core AuditingService (promoted up from JDO)
- core BookmarkService enhancements
- wicket viewer reworked bookmarks
- wicket viewer about page
- wicket viewer abbreviated titles, suppression of redundant columns in tables
- wicket viewer automatic summarizing of tables
- wicket viewer info messages, warnings and errors via growl-style popups
- restful objects compliant(ish) with RO spec v1.0
- restful objects rendering engine used for publishing service implementation
- restful objects eager rendering of collections
- jdo objectstore JNDI lookup
- jdo objectstore eager registering of entities

Full release notes are available at [1,2,3,4,5,6,7] on the Isis website.
You can access this release directly from the Maven central repo [8], 
or download the release and build it from source [9].
-The Isis team