The Apache Isis team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Isis v1.9.0.
New release includes 18 new features, 50 improvements and 25 bug fixes.  The new features include:
- upgrading dependency on DataNucleus to 4.1.x
- a new mechanism ("AppManifest") for bootstrapping Isis
- a bunch of useful new domain services, including support for content negotiation service within the Restful Objects viewer
Full release notes are available on the Apache Isis website.
This release cycle has also included the reworkings of the Apache Isis website, now built using Asciidoctor and hosted as a git repository.  There are also several new modules at the (non-ASF) Isis addons site, to support polymorphic relationships, publishing via ActiveMQ, feature toggles, and fakedata for testing.
You can access this release directly from the Maven central repo,
or download the release and build it from source.
--The Apache Isis team