The Isis team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Isis Core 1.0.0, along with 4 components and 1 archetype
- isis-core-1.0.0  (Isis core)
- isis-security-file-1.0.0  (file-based security)
- isis-objectstore-jdo-1.0.0  (JDO objectstore)
- isis-viewer-wicket-1.0.0 (Wicket viewer)
- isis-viewer-restfulobjects-1.0.0  (Restful Objects viewer)
- quickstart_wicket_restful_jdo-archetype-1.0.0  (Quickstart Archetype for Wicket viewer, Restful Objects viewer, JDO objectstore).
This is the first release of Isis as an Apache top-level project.  This release incorporates a restructuring so that the core is released independently of the main components. 
Full release notes are available at [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] on the Isis website.
You can access this release directly from the Maven central repo [6], or download the release and build it from source [7].
-The Isis team