Recently we've been working with the maven team to facilitate migration of to the Apache CMS, using maven as the core build system instead of the standard perl build scripts.  A mockup has been created at  to see how this will work.   Once the site is completed, there will be roughly 5GB of data to service, spanning dozens of maven components.  Each component will be self-contained and managed externally from the CMS site using a local maven svnpubsub plugin written mainly by Benson Margulies.  The CMS will glue all the components together into a single common site using the extpaths.txt file to configure the paths.

The doxia subproject requires special treatment as an independent CMS subproject which is also using maven as it's core build system.  Special logic was introduced into the CMS to properly redirect subproject links based on maven source tree layouts, and the system has worked seamlessly so far.

Other recent news includes the migration of the main site to the CMS.  There the CMS relies on Ant/Anakia to produce site builds instead of the standard perl build scripts, providing an easy migration path for folks accustomed to the old way of building the site.

Essentially we've made good on the promise that the CMS is simply CI for websites with an easy way of editing pages within your browser.  Support for forrest builds is planned but hasn't been fleshed out with any live examples to date.  That would round out the major java site-building technologies currently deployed by Apache projects- volunteers welcome!