The Apache Incubator Logo Selection Committee is pleased to announce the new logo for the Apache Incubator:

This selection was chosen from results collected on the mailing list with minor cosmetic alterations. All submissions for the new logo were of great quality and it was a tough decision to choose just one. Though we do feel that this design has great symbolic representation with the incubator and builds upon the previous logo.

The committee also requested an alternate design for specific cases where gradients are not preferred. This design could be used on printed documents where gradients do not always print well; black and white versions have also been made.

You can expect all versions in a range of formats (svg, pdf, png) to be available in the coming weeks.

In order to aid the transition from the old design to the new, a collection of examples for the "Powered By" format will be made available as the Apache Incubator Project Management Committee (PMC) will require projects to retire old forms of these logos. We would like to see all incubating projects updated to use the new logos by the end of June 2017 at the latest. The Apache Incubator PMC will use the incubating reports as a method to track which projects are compliant.

We hope that the Apache Incubator PMC and community are happy with our choice, and thank all the designers for submitting some excellent designs.

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