The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Infrastructure team is laser-focused on providing world-class support for ASF Infrastructure, so we’re pleased to announce the Infra team's voice-activated response line at +1 717-7-APACHE (*).

The service allows callers to leave messages for specific Infrastructure team members, to report issues to the whole team, and to access resources ranging from fast facts to tutorials.

The service can take a spoken report of an issue with Apache’s infrastructure and convert it to a ticket in the Jira issue system that Apache uses to track and resolve issues. The goal is to provide an alternative method of delivering reports that may be faster and more convenient than filling out a form at a website. 

The Infrastructure team looks forward to user feedback so it can identify and deal with any issues in the workflow and process requests for enhancements.

The service is available at +1 717-7-APACHE.

(*) +1 717-727-2243