The Apache Software Foundation (ASF)'s Travel Assistance Committee (TAC) is now accepting applications for "Apache: Big Data" and "ApacheCon: Core" Europe events, taking place 28 September – 1 October 2015 in Budapest, Hungary.
The TAC welcomes individual applicants from the Apache community at-large, including users, developers, educators, students, Committers, and Members, who would like to attend various ASF events such as ApacheCon, but need some financial support in order to be able to get there.
Financial assistance is available to cover flights/trains, accommodation and entrance fees either in part or in full, depending on circumstances. The TAC is unable to provide any funds for general living expenses during the conference itself. Applications are judged on several independent criteria that includes, among others: financial need, merit in Open Source communities, benefits by participating.
  • Applications close on 17 July 2015 at 23:00 UTC/GMT
  • Only those who are able to attend BOTH events will be considered
  • Accepted applicants will be asked to provide help during the conference
Spaces are limited, and all applicants will be scored on their individual merit, based upon details provided on their application form. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to provide as much supporting material as required.
TAC awards are limited by the funds available. On occasion, individuals worthy of assistance may be unable to receive TAC support –this does not indicate the Committee does not value their contribution to the ASF or Open Source in general. As TAC aims to support all official ASF events, including cross-project activities; as such, it may be prudent for those in Asia and North America to wait for an event geographically closer to them.
For more information and to apply, visit:
The Committee reviews applications from a diverse range of backgrounds, and encourages applications be submitted ASAP.  Award notifications will be sent out by 22 July 2015.

Good luck to all those who will apply, and thank you in advance for tweeting, blogging, and otherwise spreading the word.

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