Second Quarter, Fiscal Year 2017 (August-October 2016)

"With hundreds of projects and thousands of committers, the Apache Foundation has found stunning success without knuckling under to the software titans."
--Matt Asay, InfoWorld

> President's Statement: As a newly appointed President, my first priority has been to get a budget in place for the board to approve. Costs still slightly exceed revenue, but we have adequate reserve to cover this.

Focus items for both Brand Management and Fundraising include better tracking and prioritization. In the case of Fundraising, this likely means reaching out beyond the traditional technical sponsors.

The appointment of a paid Infrastructure Administrator is already showing results. Open Infrastructure positions have been backfilled and new hires are being onboarded. Priorities include resolving whether or not GitHub can be used as a master and finding ways to reduce the infrastructure costs per project. Meanwhile, uptime continues to be a point of pride for the infrastructure team. While we remain in a very healthy financial position, it never hurts to take the opportunity to ask for your support. As an individual you can donate to the Foundation (, as a corporation you can become a sponsor (

Events and Community: Since our last quarterly report, we have not held any additional ApacheCon events. We do, however, have one coming up very soon, and another in the beginning stages of planning. 

We will hold Apache Big Data Europe 2016, and ApacheCon Europe 2016, in Seville, Spain, November 14-18th, at the Melia Sevilla hotel. The we will be announcing the schedules for these events mid September. Details about these events may be found on the ApacheCon Website, at . In 2017, we plan to hold ApacheCon North America in Miami, May 15-19, at the Intercontinental Miami. Details will be published to the ApacheCon Website very soon. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for both events.

Meanwhile, we continue, as a larger community, to plan and attend an enormous number of meetups and other small events. You can see the weekly list of meetups at or by searching for your favorite Apache project on

> Committers and Contributions: Over the past quarter, 1,721 contributors committed 48,551 changes that amount to 15,102,280 lines of code across Apache projects. The top 5 contributors during this timeframe are: Mark Thomas (729 commits), Gary Gregory (614 commits), Carsten Ziegeler (546 commits), Shad Storhaug (541 commits), and Maxim Solodovnik (491 commits).

The ASF Secretary processes new Apache Committers' paperwork so that they can continue contributing to our projects. All individuals who are granted write access to the Apache repositories must submit an Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA). Corporations that have assigned employees to work on Apache projects as part of an employment agreement may sign a Corporate CLA (CCLA) for contributing intellectual property via the corporation. Individuals or corporations donating a body of existing software or documentation to one of the Apache projects need to execute a formal Software Grant Agreement (SGA) with the ASF. 

During this timeframe, the Secretary processed 281 ICLAs, 17 CCLAs, and 7 Software Grants. The activity of Apache committers, and the community of contributors they serve, can be seen at

> Brand Management: The ASF continues to be at the forefront of what's really a new kind of organization, where our independently governed and distributed volunteer communities are in charge of managing not just their technologies and communities, but their trademarks and their whole brand and presence in the larger world.  We continue to build new educational materials to help our highly technical communities understand the larger implications of managing the brand and outward impact of their projects, including proper trademark maintenance.

The ASF is seen as a leader in trademark and brand policies, and our example is helping other FOSS communities as well as companies better understand how we can work together fairly and productively.  Our community-focused education and policy materials are the best available, and we recently expanded to provide a more generic module on Practical Trademark Law for FOSS projects.  We continue to work on improving education and mentoring for projects to ensure they understand how to best maintain their independent brand and image.

All of the ASF's education and policies around trademark law for Open Source as well as brand management is published online, and we urge project participants and software vendors alike to review and ask us questions about them:

On the registration front, we continue to get some projects who request registration of names or beloved logos in the US and internationally. We continue to exercise financial care with our budget by working with the relevant project communities to detail why registration is important for them to attract new project contributors around the world.

With the continued rise of prominent Apache brands and projects that power more business every year, we look to the many companies that profit from Apache software products to help respect Apache brands.

While many companies continue to properly give credit to our volunteer communities, sadly some companies continue to --or have started to-- take advantage of our non-profit work by unfairly co-opting Apache project brands or by interfering with Apache project governance. Reviewing and correcting these mis-uses is an ongoing effort for the ASF Board, the Brand Management Committee, and all Apache projects.

The Apache Brand Management team welcomes your questions on our private email list:

> Infrastructure: The Infrastructure team has been continuing its work with puppet to create better resilience and repeatable deployment, for the set of machines and VMs under our management. Much of this work has been with the build slaves for our Jenkins and Buildbot systems, where we have added and streamlined the configuration of many new nodes. We continue to decommission our hardware, in favor of third-party hardware hosted in multiple cloud providers around the world.

The team has hired Freddy Barboza Oviedo and Chris Thistlethwaite, who will join the team in November. With Freddy, Chris, and (previously-reported) Greg joining the team this quarter, we hope to better serve the vast number of users of the Foundation infrastructure.

Beyond retiring technical debt and bringing puppet to our services, we continue to work on providing GitHub's toolset to our projects in a way that maintains our community and legal needs. This service will be rolled out incrementally for a limited set of test projects, and is expected to be available to all projects some time in 2017.

We saw 477 issues opened during the quarter, with 416 of those alerady closed. Another 38 issues were closed, leaving us with a net increase of a couple dozen issues. We are hopeful that our increased staffing levels will reverse this trend and provide better service to our users.

During the quarter, the services offered by the Infrastructure team maintained an uptime of 99.75%, beating our goal of 99.50% for critical services and easily beating the goals for less critical services. Our work with puppet and multiple cloud providers has greatly improved our ability to maintain a high level of uptime.

> Financial Statement:

> Fundraising:
 The ASF Fundraising team closes another strong quarter. Four more organization joined our family of sponsors. The growth in the number of sponsors is consistent with the overall growth of the fundation. We continue our efforts to engage with existing and potential sponsors and we are looking forward to more sponsors joining in the following quarters.

The ASF enjoys the support of the same 7 Platinum Sponsors: Cloudera, Facebook, Google, LeaseWeb, Microsoft, Pivotal and Yahoo. With Huawei upgrading to Gold we now benefit from the support of 9 Gold Sponsors: ARM, Bloomberg, Comcast, Hortonworks, HP, Huawei, IBM, ODPi, PhoenixNap and 14 Silver Sponsors: Alibaba Cloud Computing, Budget Direct, Capital One, Cerner, Confluent, InMotion Hosting, iSIGMA, Private Internet Access, Produban, Red Hat, Serenata Flowers Wandisco with the addition of Cash Store and Target, the ASF newest silver sponsors. The number of Bronze sponsors has also increased in the second quarter from 19 to 21 Bronze Sponsors. The number of Infrastructure sponsors remained unchanged, the ASF infra@ team continues to rely on the help and support of: The OSE Open Source Labs, SURFnet, Freie Universitat Berlin, Quenda, PagerDuty, Symantec, No-IP, Bintray, Hotwax Systems, Rackspace and Sonatype.

As we always do, we want to use this opportunity too to express our gratitude to our generous sponsors. Our operations continue uninterrupted because of our sponsors support and for that they deserve our most sincere thanks.

# # #

Report prepared by Sally Khudairi, Vice President Marketing & Publicity, with contributions by Sam Ruby, ASF President; Rich Bowen, Vice President Conferences; Shane Curcuru, Vice President Brand Management; Greg Stein, ASF Infrastructure Administrator; Tom Pappas, ASF Member and Vice President, Finance & Accounting at Virtual, Inc.; and Hadrian Zbarcea, Vice President Fundraising.

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(c) The Apache Software Foundation 2016.