The ApacheCon Europe Planning team today announced the program, speaker lineup, and sponsors for
ApacheCon, the official conference of The Apache Software Foundation.

returns to Europe 5-8 November 2012 at the Rhein-Neckar-Arena in
Sinsheim, Germany, attracting Open Source users, developers,
gurus, students, novices, and enthusiasts to the newly-introduced
"Community Edition" of ApacheCon --a smaller, less formal event aimed at
a more technically-oriented audience, and featuring an array of
sessions focused on Apache projects and initiatives, plus MeetUps,
FastFeather and Community Tracks, Hackathon, and BarCamp. This is an
ideal opportunity for technologists currently developing Apache-based
solutions, as well as those interested in committing code to an Apache
project, contributing to the Apache Incubator, or enhancing their Open
Source products and community practices.

ApacheCon Europe
Community Edition is organized and run by the Apache community; all
content for ApacheCon has been selected by Apache Project Management
Committees. 13 tracks explore key Open Source applications and issues, from Big Data and Smart Search to Cloud and Infrastructure, and include:

–-the tools, frameworks, and components used on a daily basis,
such as Apache Logging, Apache Maven, Apache Ant, Apache Buildr, Apache
Commons, and more.

–-all about Java Enterprise projects at the ASF, including Apache
OpenWebBeans, Apache OpenEJB, Apache TomEE, Apache Tomcat, Apache
MyFaces, Apache DeltaSpike, Apache BVal, and Apache OpenJPA.

[sponsored by Hortonworks] –-the ASF projects at the forefront of
high-volume performance, innovation, and analytics, such as Apache
Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Apache Hive, Apache Kafka,
Apache Mahout, Apache Pig, Apache Whirr, Apache ZooKeeper and friends.

Camel in Action –-common problems, solutions, and best practices with Apache Camel.

[sponsored by Citrix and HP] –-many Apache initiatives play a key role
in powering today's Cloud, from Apache Libcloud and Deltacloud, to
Apache Whirr, Accumulo, and Cloudstack, to Apache Hadoop + friends.

–-if you've ever wanted to know how to become involved with the ASF
--from becoming a Committer to bringing a project to the Apache
Incubator to learning how the ASF works-- or are seeking information on
how Open Source can benefit your organization or ways to improve your
Open Source community experience, this is the place to roll up sleeves
and get started.

–-adopting, linking, and interoperating the Web of Data using the
latest in annotating, processing, extracting, reasoning, and semantics
with Apache Jena, Apache Any23 (Incubating), Apache Clerezza
(Incubating), and Apache Stanbol (Incubating).

and Friends
[co-located with Lucene Eurocon; sponsored by LucidWorks]
–-the latest in search and analytics with Apache Lucene/Solr, Apache
Tika, Apache ManifoldCF and more.

–-developing and deploying applications in public and private
Cloud environments using Apache Felix, Apache ACE, Apache Karaf, Apache
Aries, Apache Sling.

–-use cases and latest developments in dovetailing Big Data
with Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, Apache CouchDB, Apache Accumulo,
and more.

–-the ins and outs of Apache OFBiz (Open For Business), the Open Source
Enterprise Resource Planning suite of applications that integrate and
automate many business processes, including catalogue management,
eCommerce, CRM, warehousing, manufacturing, project management, HR
functionality, FiCo, and more.

[sponsored by Oracle] –-the Apache OpenOffice ecosystem, with dedicated
hackathons, MeetUps, and evening sessions, as well as use cases, and
technical sessions on Writer, Calc, Impress, Math, Base, and Draw.

Web Infrastructure –-the backbone of the Web, including Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, Apache Traffic Server, and more.

The full presentation list is available at

Registration and Special Savings
by 1 October 2012 to take advantage of Early Bird rates with savings up
to €150. Students benefit with a super-discounted registration rate of
€75, made possible by a special subsidy from Google. Sign up today at

Europe is underwritten through a generous donation by Platinum Sponsor
SAP. Joining them are Citrix, Google, Hortonworks, and LucidWorks at the
Gold level; HP and Oracle at the Silver level; and evening events
sponsor The Open Bastion. For sponsorship information, contact Melissa
Warnkin at or on +1 908 343 3214.

We look forward to seeing you in November!

-The ApacheCon Planning Committee