We've just passed the 5,000 Committer mark --there's always activity within Apache's 350+ projects and initiatives! Here's what happened over the past week:
ApacheCon™ –the official conference series of The Apache Software Foundation.
 - COMING UP: Apache: Big Data (28-30 September), featuring Data Science, DevOps, Fast Data/In-Memory, File Systems/Datastores, Free Text Search, Geospatial, IoT, NoSQL, Resource Management, Security, Spark/Flink/Tajo/Cascading, SQL, Streaming/Pipelining, and more. Immediately following is ApacheCon: Core Europe (1-2 October), featuring the ubiquitous Apache™ HTTP and Tomcat™ Web servers, as well as Camel, Cordova, Flex, Mesos, OFBiz, OpenOffice, Sling, Solr, Zest, ZooKeeper, among others, as well as the latest emerging innovations from the Apache Incubator, including Apache Brooklyn, Geode, Groovy, Johnzon, and Tamaya, as well as other open source topics and issues, such as The Apache Way, best practices, licensing, community development, and the Summer of Code. See you in in Budapest! http://apachecon.com/

ASF Board –the ASF Board is responsible for management and oversight of the business and affairs of the corporation in accordance with the Foundation's Bylaws.
 - Upcoming Board Meeting: 16 September. Board calendar and minutes available at http://apache.org/foundation/board/calendar.html

ASF Infrastructure –our distributed team on four continents keeps the ASF's infrastructure running around the clock.
 - 6M weekly checks yielded a stellar 99.88% uptime over the past week http://status.apache.org/ Check performance against established SLAs http://status.apache.org/sla/

Apache Curator™ –a set of Java libraries that make using Apache ZooKeeper much easier.
 - Apache Curator 2.9.0 released http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/curator/

Apache HttpComponents™ Core –a set of low level HTTP transport components that can be used to build custom client and server side HTTP services with a minimal footprint.
 - Apache HttpComponents Core 4.4.3 GA released http://hc.apache.org/downloads.cgi

Apache Stratos™ –a PaaS framework that is designed to address the various challenges currently faced in the Cloud PaaS space.
 - Apache Stratos 4.1.2 released http://stratos.apache.org/

Did You Know?

 - Did you know that the ASF's Infrastructure services today served 2,378,606 unique users from 11,486+ cities in 201 countries/states? http://status.apache.org/

 - Did you know that 85 Apache-related MeetUps will be taking place worldwide over the next 2 weeks? http://apache.org/events/meetups.html

 - Did you know that there are 43 podlings undergoing development in the Apache Incubator? http://incubator.apache.org/

Apache Community Notices:

 - The list of Apache project-related MeetUps can be found at http://apache.org/events/meetups.html

 - Apache Phoenix will have a MeetUp in San Francisco on 16 September http://www.meetup.com/SF-Bay-Area-Apache-Phoenix-Meetup/events/224335796/

 - The 6th annual Cassandra Summit will be held 22-24 September in Santa Clara http://cassandrasummit-datastax.com/

 - Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon: Core Europe will be held 28 September - 1 October in Budapest http://apachecon.com/

 - The next CloudStack Collaboration Conference will be held 8-9 October in Dublin http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/cloudstack-collaboration-conference-europe

 - Early bird rate for the first Apache Flink Conference, Flink Forward, ends soon! 12-13 October in Berlin http://flink-forward.org

 - The next Lucene/Solr Revolution will be held 13-16 October in Austin http://www.lucenerevolution.org

 - The Apache Roadshow returns to China: Containers/Cloud/Big Data/Incubation & more 24-25 Oct in Beijing http://www.huodongxing.com/event/9291887966700

 - The ASF will be at FOSDEM 2016 in Brussels 6-8 February 2016 https://fosdem.org/

 - The ASF Operations Summary: First Quarter, Fiscal Year 2016 (May-July 2015) is available at http://s.apache.org/c2P

 - Are your software solutions Powered by Apache? Download & use our "Powered By" logos http://www.apache.org/foundation/press/kit/#poweredby
 - Show your support for Apache with ASF-approved swag from http://www.zazzle.com/featherwear and http://s.apache.org/landsend --all proceeds benefit the ASF! 
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