Here's what our community of 4,000+ Committers have been busily working on this week:

ApacheCon™ –the official conference series of The Apache Software Foundation.
 - The ApacheCon program is now available; Early Bird registration ends 28 February

ASF Infrastructure –our distributed team on four continents keeps the ASF's infrastructure running 24x7x365.
 - Global uptime across all Apache services is a stellar 99.73%
 - Notice of server maintenance policy change

ASF Security –a team comprising ASF Members dedicated to helping and advising Apache projects on security issues, as well as co-ordinating the handling of security vulnerabilities.
 - [IMPORTANT] Security Notice: CVE-2015-0254 XXE and RCE via XSL extension in JSTL XML tags

Apache Allura™ –Open Source implementation of a software "forge", a web site that manages source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, blogs and more for any number of individual projects.
 - Apache Allura 1.2.1 released

Apache Commons™ DBCP –Open Source software library implements database connection pooling.
 - Apache Commons DBCP 2.1 released

Apache HBase™ –Open Source, distributed Big Data store for Apache Hadoop.
 - The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ HBase™ v1.0

Apache Log4j™ –well known framework for logging application behavior.
 - Apache Log4j 2.2 released

Apache Lucene™ –a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java.
 - Apache Lucene 5.0.0 released

Apache MRQL (Incubating) –query processing and optimization system for large-scale, distributed data analysis, built on top of Apache Hadoop, Hama, Spark, and Flink.
 - Apache MRQL 0.9.4-incubating released

Apache Openmeetings™ –video conferencing, instant messaging, white board, collaborative document editing and other groupware tools using API functions of the Red5 Streaming Server for Remoting and Streaming.
 - Apache Openmeetings 3.0.4 released

Apache Parquet (Incubating) –the common definition of Parquet column-oriented file format for Apache Hadoop.
 - Apache Parquet Format 2.3.0 (Incubating) released (first release of Parquet Format with org.apache.parquet artifacts and package names)

Apache Solr™ –popular, blazing fast, Open Source NoSQL search platform from the Apache Lucene project.
 - Apache Solr 5.0.0 and Reference Guide for Solr 5.0

Apache Sqoop™ –a tool designed for efficiently transferring bulk data between Apache Hadoop and structured datastores, such as relational databases.
 - Apache Sqoop 1.99.5 released

Apache Maven™ –a project development management and comprehension tool.
 - Apache Source Release Assembly Descriptor 1.0.5 Released

Apache Tomcat™ –Open Source software implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Unified Expression Language and Java WebSocket technologies.
 - Apache Tomcat 8.0.20 released
 - Apache Tomcat Apache Standard Taglib 1.2.3 released

Did You Know?
 - Did you know that the top 5 Apache Project categories are: Library (90 projects), Network-Server (37 projects), XML (29 projects), Web Framework (25 projects), and Big Data (24 projects)?
 - Did you know that in 2002 the Apache Incubator was the fourth project at the ASF, created to mentor projects and codebases wishing to become part of the Foundation's efforts? (Bonus: the first projects to enter the Apache Incubator were Apache Ant, Avalon, DB, Forrest, HC, POI, and TCL.)
 - Did you know that Apache Tajo is part of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem at Gruter, Korea University, NASA JPL's Radio Astronomy and Airborne Snow Observatory projects, and SK Telecom, among others?
Apache Community Notices:
 - Final days for the annual Future of Open Source Survey: have you shared your thoughts?

 - HBaseCon, the fourth annual event for the Apache HBase contributor/developer/admin/user community, will take place 7 May in San Francisco

 - The next Apache Mesos User Group MeetUp will take place 25 March in London

 - The Women of ASF Luncheon will be held on 14 April at ApacheCon
 - Apache TrafficServer Spring Summit will take place 16-17 April in Austin

 - The Apache Marmotta community are being proactive and beginning to collect ideas for Google Summer of Code 2015

 - The next Berlin Buzzwords conference will feature Apache projects such as Lucene, Spark, Solr and Cassandra and will take place 31 May-3 June in Berlin

 - Are your software solutions Powered by Apache? Download & use our "Powered By" logos
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