The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) welcomes the following new Members who were elected during the annual ASF Members' Meeting on 26-28 March 2019:
Arpit Agarwal, Thomas Andraschko, Raymond Augé, Michael Bouschen, Liang Chen, Tianqi Chen, Felix Cheung, Bill Cole, Jan van Doorn, Junping Du, Keiichi Fujino, Trevor Grant, Sijie Guo, Jan Høydahl, Serge Huber, Dave Jones, Kenneth Knowles, Kalle Korhonen, Peter Kovacs, Roy Lenferink, Shawn McKinney, Sven Meier, Maximilian Michels, David Neuman, Jeffery Painter, Venkat Ranganathan, Kevin Ratnasekera, Stefan Seifert, Davanum Srinivas, Will Stevens, Ruth Suehle, Chris Thistlethwaite, Peter Thygesen, Rob Tompkins, Antoine Toulme, Thomas Weise, Yishay Weiss, Konrad Windszus, Jeffrey T. Zemerick, Huxing Zhang.
When the ASF incorporated in 1999, its core membership comprised 21 individuals who oversaw the progress of the Apache HTTP Server. This group grew with Committers —developers who contributed code, patches, or documentation, and were subsequently granted access by the Membership:
  • to "commit" or "write" (contribute) directly to the code repository;
  • the right to vote on community-related decisions; and
  • the ability propose an active user for Committership.

Those Committers who demonstrate merit in the Foundation's growth, evolution, and progress are nominated for ASF Membership by existing Members.

This election brings the total number of ASF Members to 771 today. Individuals elected as ASF Members legally serve as the "shareholders" of the Foundation

For more information on how the ASF works, visit , Apache Is Open , and Briefing: The Apache Way

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