As a global organization with contributors on every continent, safeguarding our community is our highest concern, especially during the public health emergency presented with the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

The World Health Organization and US Centers for Disease Control continue to release updates: we are actively monitoring the situation as part of our commitment to helping protect individuals from contracting or spreading the virus. 

Effective immediately, The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) strongly recommends suspending all travel associated with official ASF business and events through May 2020, after which we will reassess the restriction period. This applies to official Apache Conferences*, including Apache Roadshows in Washington DC (25 March) and Chicago (18-19 May), as well as beneficiaries of the ASF Travel Assistance Committee.

Of course, exceptions need to be considered. We implore those who must travel to review the WHO's Travel Advice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's comprehensive Information for Travel reports at 

With email being the ASF's primary method of communication for more than two decades, we do not anticipate significant disruption to ASF operations or to Apache Projects and their communities. Where possible, those organizing in-person assemblies may wish to consider holding virtual events or postponing, as opposed to cancelling.

Many members of our community work remotely. Whilst working from home may not be possible for some, we urge everyone to practice caution and be proactive with frequent hand-washing, using hand sanitizer, covering coughs and sneezes, and handling food safely. We urge those who are at risk or feeling unwell to stay home and take care of themselves. As symptoms can take more than three weeks to appear in those affected, we commend those who encourage their friends, family, and coworkers to take proper precautions.

We will continue to monitor this rapidly changing situation, and endeavor to provide updates as early as possible.

*Please follow the Notice on Apache 2020 Conferences at for the latest updates on Apache events.

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