First Quarter, Fiscal Year 2021 (May - July 2020)

"This Foundation has survived more than two decades of change in the software industry and is stronger now than ever before."
Roy Fielding, ASF co-Founder and Chairman

> Conferences and 

During the report period, the Conferences team has been working hard on ApacheCon @Home 2020, which will be the 33rd ApacheCon. Apachecon @Home will feature content from 27 different Apache project communities, including Big Data, Machine Learning, Royale, Pulsar, Tomcat, Geospatial, Community, Camel, and many others. We will also be featuring content in Asia-centric timezones, and, for the first time ever, content in Mandarin, German, and Spanish language.

ApacheCon @Home 2020 will feature keynotes by Thomas Huang (NASA), Camille Fournier (Author) and Edmon Begoli and Josh Arnold (Oak Ridge National Labs).

This event will be our first 100% online edition of ApacheCon, which makes it available for people in every time zone, many of whom have never been able to travel to ApacheCon before. We expect to have more than 2000 attendees, making it the largest ApacheCon ever.

You can learn more about Apachecon (and register!) at

> Community Development

Throughout this quarter we have been adapting our approach to help mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on our activities. With the changeover of ApacheCon to an online conference (ApacheCon@Home) we have been busy working with the conference team to ensure a good transition. As usual we participated in the ApacheCon@Home CFP and had attracted a lot of submissions. We had enough proposals to plan a 3 day Community track running over two timezones. To help support our global audience it will also the first time that we will be presenting content in languages other than English.

We are also planning to have an online booth available at the event and are currently deciding on the type of activities that we can do remotely that will still generate the feeling of community.

During this quarter we have also kickstarted our podcast platform Feathercast again as a tool for promoting Apache projects. Our objective is to have a podcast created for every Apache project. An initial request was sent out for people to be interviewed about their project. There has been a lot of interest and feedback has been very positive. Currently 12 interviews have been completed and featured on Feathercast. We hope that this will continue to increase.

The Apache Local Community (ALC) initiative is still growing and thanks to Kenneth Paskett from the Central Services team, we now have branding for the ALC chapters that can be customised for each location. The branding helps strengthen the Apache brand locally. ALC Beijing held their first meetup and ALC Indore have held two webinars and will be presenting a range of talks in Hindi for ApacheCon@Home.

Our GSoC student evaluations were completed on schedule and our mentors contine to work with their selected students.

Our mailing list has seen a decrease in traffic compared to the previous quarter, probably due to the holiday season. We do expect to see increased activity levels as we build up to ApacheCon@Home in September.

> Committers and Contributions

Over the past quarter, 1,252 contributors committed 41,706 changes that amount to 13,946,950 lines of code across Apache projects. The top 5 contributors, in order, were: Andrea Cosentino (1,013 commits), Gary Gregory (817 commits), Jean-Baptiste Onofré (715 commits), Sebb (614 commits), and Xiaoxiang Yu (537 commits).

All individuals who are granted write access to the Apache repositories must submit an Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA). Corporations that have assigned employees to work on Apache projects as part of an employment agreement may sign a Corporate CLA (CCLA) for contributing intellectual property via the corporation. Individuals or corporations donating a body of existing software or documentation to one of the Apache projects need to execute a formal Software Grant Agreement (SGA) with the ASF.

During Q1 FY2021, the ASF Secretary processed 171 ICLAs, 7 CCLAs, and 1 Software Grant. History of Apache committer growth can be seen at

> Brand Management

Operations —the work of the Brand Management team falls broadly into one of three categories:

- trademark transfers and registrations
- granting permission to use our marks
- addressing potential infringements of our marks

The volume of work has remained steady this quarter. Registrations and transfers are lengthy processes but the tracking system we have put in place remains up to the task.

This quarter has seen the usual collection of requests to use Apache marks for user groups, events, merchandise and publications with nearly all requests being granted, subject to our Trademark Usage Policy.

The impact of COVID-19 has seen many events move on-line. Those events that had previously requested to use our marks have been updating their requests to reflect the new event format and often changes in timing. As with in-person events we work with the organisers and the ASF Conferences team to minimise scheduling conflicts.

Registrations —this quarter was a busy one for completing registrations where we saw five registrations complete including the registration of APACHE in the EU.

One registration was up for renewal this quarter and, after reviewing it with the relevant PMC we opted not to renew it.

Some registrations, particularly those outside the US, tend to be more complex. This quarter some of our registrations in China have continued to require additional work to help them progress.

Infringements Potential infringements are brought to our attention from both internal and external sources. The majority of infringements we see are accidental and our project communities are able to resolve these quickly and informally with occasional input from the Brand Management team. A small number of issues take longer to resolve. We made progress on some of these this quarter and hope that that progress will continue next quarter.

This quarter a number of issues were reported to us relating to products using our marks being sold through various online stores. We have started to engage with the stores in question to resolve the issues.

And finally…

The Brand Management team welcomes your comments and suggestions as well as any questions you might have. Please see for our contact details.

> Security

We continued to work on handling incoming security issues, keeping projects reminded of their outstanding issues, allocation of CVE names, and other general oversight and advice.

For Q1 we tracked 132 new vulnerability reports across 57 projects. (Q1 last year for comparison was 92 reports). Those reports led to 40 published CVE vulnerabilities.

> Privacy

No other issues have been raised till the last report.

The issue with the Apache Status page remains unresolved.

Due to the new ruling Schrems-II (as reported recently) the use of Google Analytics may be problematic. Instead, Apache Infra offers log analytics which may fit most projects. We will provide some docs on the available logs and will try to find a way to communicate this to our PMCs.

Also, Privacy needs to check Apache Whimsy for privacy concerns.

> Infrastructure

This quarter has been quite normal for Infrastructure, despite the pandemic affecting our world. Since the Foundation does not have a central office, our staff works entirely from home and were able to remain safe and healthy. We do not sell any products, so there has been no economic-based reduction in what Infrastructure provides: services for our many communities. The team has continued its work at our regular breakneck speed and low-cost posture. Our planned meetup at ApacheCon North America was impacted, however, so we hope that 2021 will provide an opportunity for our team to gather together again.

Our Jenkins installation has seen a lot of work this quarter, as have migrated communities over to our CloudBees Operation Center installation. In particular, we now have multiple Jenkins Master instances to help those communities manage their donated Jenkins nodes (eg. the nodes donated to Apache Hadoop, or Apache Beam). One Jenkins cluster will continue as a shared resource for the Foundation as a whole.

The latest and greatest new feature for our communities is a tool we call "asf.yaml", enabling projects to self-manage many facets of their project: website publishing, Jira integration, mailing list notifications for different types of events, and GitHub metadata. These features used to require projects to file work tickets for simple, routine tweaks of their workflows.

A fun thing for our team as been Marketing and Public Relations' new "Inside Infra" blog series. We have been supporting that effort to provide an inside and a "human face" on our otherwise-opaque set of activities on the team.

Our regular activities continue with improving our release archive service, migrating to newer Ubuntu and puppet systems, hardening our GitHub integration, and getting our email system migrated to newer and more manageable servers.

> Treasury and Financial Statement --map against

The Foundation is in excellent fiscal shape with all tax and compliance forms filed on time. Latest public filings can be found at . I have advised that officers minimize expenses until there is more certainty in global economic outlooks.  Officers have done so by delaying new investments.  This combined with a reduction in travel costs from conferences has made it possible for us to significantly reduce costs without reducing our service level to our projects.

In the last quarter we also completed our transition to accounts payable approvals via  This has vastly improved the accuracy and auditability of our vendor payments and reduced the level of expertise required of the volunteers and staff who manage vendor payments.

The majority of our cash remains in a CDARS account at Boston Private which provides FDIC insurance for the full amount. See below for income and expenses:

Income and Expenses for Q1 FY 2021

Apache Software Foundation

Q1 FY 21

Income Summary:

Public Donations

$ 9,405

Sponsorship Program

$ 262,048

Interest Income

$ 351

Total Income

$ 271,804

Expense Summary


$ 195,414

Programs Expense

$ 90


$ 133,185

Brand Management

$ 29,468


$ 29,757

Travel Assistance Committee

$ -


$ 49,095


$ -

Treasury Services

$ 10,321

General & Administrative

$ 1,413

Diversity and Inclusion

$ -

Total Expense

$ 448,743

Net Income

$ (176,939)

> Fundraising

Although we find ourselves in unprecedented times, we are happy to report that Fundraising for the foundation continues operating well. We have seen only a few changes in sponsorships with a Platinum sponsor renewing at the Gold level, a Gold sponsor renewing to the Platinum level, a Silver sponsor renewing at the Gold level, and two Silver sponsors unable to renew. Despite the trying times of this pandemic, we are again humbled and honored by our Sponsors' continued support!

This quarter we finished a long-running effort to normalize all sponsorship links on our Thanks page with the rel="sponsored" tag. This is in support of popular webmaster best-practices announced last year which we broadcast as our go-forward model in November of last year.

Fundraising support for ApacheCon @Home launched this quarter with excellent interest. At the close of the quarter, we were pleased to not only see several returning sponsors, but several new sponsors for the ApacheCon events.

In addition to the generous support of our corporate sponsors, we were honored to have received more than $4,000 USD through individual giving to the foundation. Part of this was driven by participation in the #GivingTuesdayNOW COVID-focused giving campaign. We were also awarded a distribution from the UPLIFT! initiative led by FOSS Responders.

As always, we are immensely thankful to our sponsors, who make it possible for our communities to build world-changing software

PLATINUM: Amazon Web Services, Comcast, Facebook, Google, LeaseWeb, Pineapple Fund, Verizon Media, Tencent

GOLD: Anonymous, ARM, Bloomberg, Cloudera, Handshake, Huawei, IBM, Indeed, Union Investment, Workday

SILVER: Aetna, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Baidu, Budget Direct, Capital One, Cerner, Inspur, Red Hat, Target

BRONZE: Airport Rentals, The Blog Starter, Bookmakers, Cash Store,, CarGurus, Casino2k, Cloudsoft, The Economic Secretariat, Emerio, Footprints Recruiting, Gundry MD,, Host Advice,, Journal Review, LeoVegas Indian Online Casino, Mutuo Kredit AG, Online Holland Casino, ProPrivacy, PureVPN, RX-M,, Site Builder Report, Start a Blog by Ryan Robinson, Talend, The Best VPN, Top10VPN, Twitter, Web Hosting Secret Revealed, Xplenty

TARGETED PLATINUM: CloudBees, DLA Piper, JetBrains, Microsoft, OSU Open Source Labs, Sonatype, Verizon Media

TARGETED GOLD: Atlassian, The CrytpoFund, Datadog, PhoenixNAP, Quenda

TARGETED SILVER: Amazon Web Services, HotWax Systems, Rackspace

TARGETED BRONZE: Bintray, Education Networks of America, Google, Hopsie, No-IP, PagerDuty, Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation,, SURFnet, Virtru

Going into the second quarter of our fiscal year, we remain energized and cautiously optimistic that we will weather the current storm.

To sponsor The Apache Software Foundation, visit . To make a one-time or monthly recurring donation, please visit

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Report prepared by Sally Khudairi, Vice President Marketing & Publicity, with contributions by Rich Bowen, Vice President Conferences; Mark Cox, Vice President Security; Sharan Foga, Vice President Community Development; Christian Grobmeier, Vice President Data Privacy; Myrle Krantz, Treasurer; David Nalley, Vice President Infrastructure; Tom Pappas, Vice President Finance; Daniel Ruggeri, Vice President Fundraising; Greg Stein, ASF Infrastructure Administrator; and Mark Thomas, Vice President Brand Management.

For more information, subscribe to the mailing list and visit, the ASF Blog at, the @TheASF on Twitter, and

(c) The Apache Software Foundation 2020.

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