World's largest Open Source foundation's community rallies during pandemic; uptick in project activity, participation, and sponsor support advances Foundation to continue to provide $22B+ worth of software to the public-at-large at 100% no cost.

Wilmington, DE —31 August 2021— The Apache® Software Foundation (ASF), the world’s largest Open Source foundation, announced today the availability of the annual report for its 2021 fiscal year (1 May 2020 – 30 April 2021).

The all-volunteer ASF stewards 227M+ lines of code —valued conservatively at more than $22B (constructive cost model - CoCoMo)— all available to the public at 100% no cost. Apache software is used in every Internet-connected country on the planet, and is integral to nearly every aspect of modern computing.

FY2021 highlights include:

  1. 40 new individual Members elected, totalling 853 
  2. Exceeded 8,200 individual Committers
  3. 200 Project Management Committees overseeing 351 Apache Projects, plus dozens of sub-projects and initiatives
  4. 14 Top-Level Projects graduated from the Apache Incubator
  5. 35 projects (a.k.a. “podlings”) undergoing development in the Apache Incubator
  6. Top 5 most active Apache Projects accessed: Kafka, Hadoop, ZooKeeper, POI, Logging 
  7. Top 5 Apache Project repositories by commits: Camel, Flink, Airflow, Lucene-Solr, NuttX (incubating)
  8. Top 5 most visited Apache Projects on GitHub: Spark, Flink, Kafka, Arrow, Beam
  9. 17,758 authors sent 2,184,671 emails on 780,274 topics
  10. Top 5 Apache Project user and developer email lists by activity: Flink (user), Tomcat (developer), James (developer), Flink (developer), Kafka (developer)  
  11. 17,000+ emails sent to ASF Security team
  12. 3,058 Committers changed 134,517,884 lines of code over 258,860 commits
  13. 672 Individual Contributor License Agreements signed
  14. 23 Corporate Contributor License Agreements signed
  15. 32 Software Grant Agreements executed
  16. ASF's seven-member Infrastructure team on three continents supports all Apache projects, initiatives, and their communities across ~200 individual machines, 1,400+ repositories, 5-6PB in traffic annually, ~75M downloads per month, and 2-3M daily emails on 2,000+ lists. Average uptime in FY2021 was 99.75%
  17. New Infrastructure-developed tools and services enable Apache Projects and their communities to self-administer numerous features around their code repositories
  18. Fundraising yielded a positive net income, exceeding FY2021 targets
  19. Foundation operations supported by contributions from 9 Platinum Sponsors, 10 Gold Sponsors, 8 Silver Sponsors, 30 Bronze Sponsors, 10 Platinum Targeted Sponsors, 5 Gold Targeted Sponsors, 3 Silver Targeted Sponsors, 12 Bronze Targeted Sponsors, and more than 630 individual donors;
  20. Less than 10% of income spent on overhead
  21. Published new Website dedicated to data privacy
  22. Produced and released "Trillions and Trillions Served" documentary series 
  23. Launched "Inside Infra" interview series with members of ASF Infrastructure team
  24. Held first ApacheCon@Home event online to thousands of attendees from around the world
  25. Advanced Diversity & Inclusion goals, including securing internships, conducting Community Survey and User Experience Research, and easing barriers to entry for contributors from underrepresented groups
  26. ASF was a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code for the 16th consecutive year

The full report is available online at

About The Apache Software Foundation (ASF)
Established in 1999, The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is the world’s largest Open Source foundation, stewarding 227M+ lines of code and providing more than $22B+ worth of software to the public at 100% no cost. The ASF’s all-volunteer community grew from 21 original founders overseeing the Apache HTTP Server to 850+ individual Members and 206 Project Management Committees who successfully lead 350+ Apache projects and initiatives in collaboration with 8,200+ Committers through the ASF’s meritocratic process known as "The Apache Way". Apache software is integral to nearly every end user computing device, from laptops to tablets to mobile devices across enterprises and mission-critical applications. Apache projects power most of the Internet, manage exabytes of data, execute teraflops of operations, and store billions of objects in virtually every industry. The commercially-friendly and permissive Apache License v2 is an Open Source industry standard, helping launch billion dollar corporations and benefiting countless users worldwide. The ASF is a US 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization funded by individual donations and corporate sponsors including Aetna, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services, Anonymous, ARM, Baidu, Bloomberg, Budget Direct, Capital One, Cloudera, Comcast, Facebook, Google, Handshake, Huawei, IBM, Indeed, Inspur, Leaseweb, Pineapple Fund, Private Internet Access, Red Hat, Target, Tencent, Union Investment, Verizon Media, and Workday. For more information, visit  and

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