Open Source, Cloud-native microservices API gateway handles interface traffic for Websites, mobile and IoT applications in Cloud Computing, FinTech, Insurance, Marketplaces, Real Estate, Security, Speech Recognition, and Travel, among other industries.

Wakefield, MA —15 July 2020— The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today Apache® APISIX™ as a Top-Level Project (TLP).

Apache APISIX is a Cloud-native API gateway used to handle interface traffic for Websites, mobile and IoT applications. The project was first developed at ZhiLiu Technology, was open-sourced in June 2019, and entered the Apache Incubator in October 2019.

"Thanks to the help of our mentors, contributors and the Apache Incubator, Apache APISIX has now graduated as a Top-Level Project," said Ming Wen, Vice President of Apache APISIX. "After entering the Apache incubator, APISIX evolved from being an Open Source project led by a commercial company to a community-led project guided by the Apache Way."

Apache APISIX consists of the following three parts:

  • Data Plane, to dynamically control the request traffic, and implement traffic processing and distribution;

  • Control Plane, to store and synchronize gateway data configuration; and

  • AI Plane(TODO), to orchestrate plugins, as well as real-time analysis and processing of request traffic.

With more than 30 functions, Apache APISIX includes traffic control, analytics, observability, monitoring, and logging plugins. Features include:

  • Dynamic routing and plug-in hot loading --particularly suitable for API management under micro-service systems;

  • Built-in high availability, multiple security plugins --puts stability and security at the forefront with identity authentication and interface verification;

  • Simple, powerful development interface --easy-to-use, built-in dashboard and a powerful and flexible interface for faster development;

  • Designed and implemented to meet the highest performance requirements --including routing, IP matcher, JSON schema, built-in plugins, and more; and

  • Multi-protocol and multi-platform support --HTTP(s), TCP, UDP,  HTTP to gRPC transcoding, Websocket, gRPC, Apache Dubbo, and MQTT proxy, as well as ARM64 and others.

Apache APISIX is in use at dozens of organizations that include Airwallex, AISpeech,,, Qihoo 360, taikang Cloud, Tencent Cloud, TravelSky, and more.

"Congratulations to Apache APISIX!" said Ryan Cao, Principal Architect at Airwallex. "As a global fintech that is transforming the way businesses move and manage money for collections, FX and digital payments, and our financial infrastructure provides a modern tech stack for businesses of all sizes to operate internationally. We have implemented our API gateway based on APISIX, and smoothly evolved our system to a multi-cloud distributed, microservices architecture, with thanks to APISIX's highly optimised, scalable and extensible platform and support from its developer community!"

"Our cloud AI technology is open to the world through its API gateway," said Shun Zhang, Senior R&D Director at AISpeech. "We developed Kubernetes Ingress controllers based on Apache APISIX to replace the Kubernetes native Ingress to handle all north-south container clusters and part of east-west traffic. APISIX's high-performance routing, flexible plugin mechanism, API management and design concepts are just the needs of Cloud-Native architecture. I wish APISIX continued success as the best and most easy-to-use API gateway with the support of the Apache Software Foundation."

"I am very happy to see Apache APISIX flourish," said Hui Wang, Senior Engineer at "The fast and stable adoption of Apache APISIX within confirms that APISIX is an excellent project. Congratulations to Apache APISIX and the community for successfully graduating from the Apache Incubator."

"Congratulations to Apache APISIX for graduating as an Apache Top-Level Project," said Hui Li, Engineer at Tencent Cloud. "Recent growth in demand for interconnection between mobile applications, enterprise interoperability, and the Internet of Things have expanded backend service support objects from single Web applications to a variety of usage scenarios. This increases both the access pressure and the complexity of backend services. A suitable solution for this issue is an API Gateway: in addition to basic request forwarding, protocol conversion, routing and other functions such as high performance and high stability, it also has good scalability and can continuously enhance the capabilities of the gateway. We evaluated many API gateways, and finally chose Apache APISIX as the core component of our new generation API gateway because of its high performance, high scalability, and active community. I hope to see APISIX's future development have a far-reaching impact on the microservices field."

"Congratulations to Apache APISIX for successfully graduating from the Apache Incubator," said Junteng Gao, Senior Engineer at Tencent IEG. "With the large-scale popularization of microservices, the scale of applications, the number of nodes and dependencies are growing rapidly, the demand for efficient and flexible, cloud-native API gateways is also increasing. We started to pay attention to Apache APISIX since the first version, and actively contributed to this project, so our team members were elected as committers to the project. With Apache APISIX becoming a Top-Level Project, look forward to seeing companies and developers participating and making the community more diverse."

"I am very pleased to see that Apache APISIX has graduated as a Top-Level Project in a very short period of time," said Wei Liu, Senior Technical Expert at Kuaishou and member of the Apache APISIX Project Management Committee. "Promoting Community Over Code, we encourage more developers to join the community and help us build future versions of Apache APISIX."

"Apache APISIX is a very active and diverse community, with more than 90 contributors from all over the world participating," added Wen. "We welcome those interested in getting involved with APISIX to connect through GitHub and our mailing lists, and become part of the community the Apache Way!

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Availability and Oversight
Apache APISIX software is released under the Apache License v2.0 and is overseen by a self-selected team of active contributors to the project. A Project Management Committee (PMC) guides the Project's day-to-day operations, including community development and product releases. For downloads, documentation, and ways to become involved with Apache APISIX, visit and

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