Here's hoping you had a great week. The Apache community has been working on:

ASF Board –management and oversight of the business affairs of the corporation in accordance with the Foundation's bylaws.
 - Next Board Meeting: 21 February. Board calendar and minutes

ASF Infrastructure –our distributed team on three continents keeps the ASF's infrastructure running around the clock.
 - 7M+ weekly checks yield ace performance at 99.69% uptime

ASF Operations Factoid –this week, 519 Apache contributors changed 1,071,102 lines of code over 3,235 commits. Top 5 contributors, in order, are: Jeff Elsloo, Tellier Benoit, Andi Huber, Junkai Xue, and Gary Gregory.

Apache Guacamole™ –a clientless remote desktop gateway that supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH.
 - Apache Guacamole 0.9.14 released

Apache HttpComponents™ –a set of HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 transport components used to build custom client and server side HTTP services with a minimal footprint.
 - Apache HttpComponents Client 4.5.5 GA released

Apache Jackrabbit™ Oak –a scalable, high-performance hierarchical content repository designed for use as the foundation of modern world-class Web sites and other demanding content applications.
 - Apache Jackrabbit 1.0.41 and Jackrabbit Oak 1.2.28 released

Apache NiFi™ –an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data.
 - Apache NiFi MiNiFi 0.4.0 released

Apache Phoenix™ –enables OLTP and SQL-based operational analytics for Apache Hadoop.
 - Apache Phoenix 4.13.2 for CDH 5.11.2 released

Apache Taverna (incubating) –domain-independent suite of tools used to design and execute data-driven scientific workflows, combining WSDL/REST Web Services and local tools.
 - Apache Taverna Server 3.1.0-incubating released

Apache Tomcat™ –an Open Source software implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Unified Expression Language, Java WebSocket and JASPIC technologies.
 - Apache Tomcat 7.0.84, 8.0.49, 8.5.27, and 9.0.4 released

Did You Know?

 - Did you know that in 2017 the Top 10 most active Apache project mailing lists (dev + user) were, in order: Flex, Lucene, Ignite, Kafka, Geode, Flink, Tomcat, Cassandra, Beam, and Sentry?

 - Did you know that Spotify uses Apache Hadoop and Apache Crunch to process terabytes of user data each day? and

 - Did you know that the 2018 Apache EU Roadshow will be held during FOSS Backstage 13-14 June in Berlin?

Apache Community Notices:

 - Apache in 2017 - By The Digits

 - Foundation Statement –Apache Is Open.

 - "Success at Apache" focuses on the processes behind why the ASF "just works". 1) Project Independence 2) All Carrot and No Stick 3) Asynchronous Decision Making Rule of the Makers 5) JFDI --the unconditional love of contributors 6) Meritocracy and Me 7) Learning to Build a Stronger Community 8) Meritocracy. 9) Lowering Barriers to Open Innovation 10) All My Roads Led to Apache 11) Scratch Your Own Itch. 12) What a Long Strange (and Great) Trip It's Been

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 - The list of Apache project-related MeetUps can be found at

 - The Apache Wicket community will be holding a MeetUp on 24 January in Hydrabad

 - The ASF will be back at FOSDEM in Brussels 3-5 February 2018. We'll see you there!

 - The ASF is a Developer Week Community Partner 3-7 February in San Franciso

 - The Apache Tinkerpop community will be holding a MeetUp on Gremlin on 21 February in New York

 - Apache CloudStack will be holding their first German Meetup on 28 February 2018 in Frankfurt

 - Meet members of the Apache community at Open Expo Madrid 6-7 June 2018

 - The 2018 Apache EU Roadshow will be held during FOSS Backstage in Berlin 13-14 June 2018

 - ASF Quarterly Report: Operations Summary Q2 FY2018

 - ASF Annual Report is available at

 - Find out how you can participate with Apache community/projects/activities --opportunities open with Apache HTTP Server, Avro, ComDev (community development), Directory, Incubator, OODT, POI, Polygene, Syncope, Tika, Trafodion, and more!
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