One more week to go in 2017! The Apache Community continues to be quite productive, as always, even during the holidays! Here's what happened over the past week:

Support Apache –by making a gift to the ASF before 31 December you can help us have the necessary resources to ensure that software from the global Apache community remains available. Apache benefits from your generosity, and you may also benefit with a tax deduction. Every dollar counts.

ASF Board –management and oversight of the business affairs of the corporation in accordance with the Foundation's bylaws.
 - Next Board Meeting: 17 January. Board calendar and minutes

ASF Infrastructure –our distributed team on three continents keeps the ASF's infrastructure running around the clock.
 - 7M+ weekly checks yield splendid performance at 99.84% uptime

ASF Operations Factoid –this week, 95 Apache contributors changed 201,681 lines of code over 411 commits. Top 5 contributors, in order, are: Antoine Duprat, Tilman Hausherr, Francesco Chicchiriccò, Andreas Veithen, and Attila Magyar.

Apache Arrow™ –a cross-language development platform for in-memory data. 
 - Apache Arrow 0.8.0 released

Apache BatchEE (incubating) –implementation and extensions of the JBatch specification (JSR-352) and JBatch 1.0 TCK.
- Apache BatchEE 0.5-incubating released

Apache Commons™ Pool –an object-pooling API and a number of object pool implementations.
 - Apache Commons Pool 2.5.0

Apache HBase™ –an Open Source, distributed, versioned, non-relational database.
 - Apache HBase 1.4.0 released

Apache Jackrabbit™ –a fully compliant implementation of the Content Repository for Java(TM) Technology API, version 2.0 (JCR 2.0) as specified in the Java Specification Request 283 (JSR 283).
 - Apache Jackrabbit 2.17.0 released

Apache Lucene™ –a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java.
 - Apache Lucene and Solr released

Apache Pulsar (incubating) –a highly scalable, low latency messaging platform running on commodity hardware.
 - Apache Pulsar 1.21.0-incubating released

Apache Qpid™ JMS –newer JMS client supporting the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol 1.0 (AMQP 1.0, ISO/IEC 19464), based around the Apache Qpid Proton protocol engine and implementing the AMQP JMS Mapping as it evolves at OASIS.
 - Apache Qpid JMS 0.28.0 released

Apache RocketMQ™ –a distributed messaging and streaming platform with low latency, high performance and reliability, trillion-level capacity and flexible scalability.
 - Apache RocketMQ 4.2.0

Did You Know?

 - Did you know that the DataStax C# Fluent API for DSE Graph uses Apache Tinkerpop Gremlin Net 3.2.7 to support writing Gremlin queries in C#?

- Did you know that toy brick manufacturer Lego uses Apache Groovy?

- Did you know that Microsoft Azure HDInsight uses Apache Kafka to help process more than 1M events/second for connected cars, fraud detection, clickstream analysis, log analytics, and other applications?

Apache Community Notices:

 - Foundation Statement –Apache Is Open.

 - "Success at Apache" focuses on the processes behind why the ASF "just works". 1) Project Independence 2) All Carrot and No Stick 3) Asynchronous Decision Making Rule of the Makers 5) JFDI --the unconditional love of contributors 6) Meritocracy and Me 7) Learning to Build a Stronger Community 8) Meritocracy. 9) Lowering Barriers to Open Innovation 10) All My Roads Led to Apache 11) Scratch Your Own Itch. 12) What a Long Strange (and Great) Trip It's Been

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 - Meet members of the Apache community at Open Expo Madrid 6-7 June 2018

 - ASF Quarterly Report: Operations Summary Q2 FY2018

 - ASF Annual Report is available at

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