As members of the Apache community is preparing to convene in Miami for ApacheCon next week, we continue to be productive. Here's what we've been up to:

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ASF Board –management and oversight of the business and affairs of the corporation in accordance with the Foundation's bylaws.
 - Next Board Meeting: 17 May 2017. Board calendar and minutes

ASF Infrastructure –our distributed team on four continents keeps the ASF's infrastructure running around the clock.
 - 7M+ weekly checks yield forward performance at 99.82% uptime

ApacheCon™ –Tomorrow's Technology Today: Big Data, CloudStack, Flex, IoT, Tomcat, and dozens of Apache projects across 200+ sessions, 150+ speakers, 4 subconferences, BarCampApache and more. Register today!
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Apache Arrow™ –columnar in-memory analytics layer designed to accelerate Big Data.
- Apache Arrow 0.3.0 released

Apache Directory™ Fortress –a standards-based access management system, written in Java, that provides role-based access control, delegated administration and password policy services with LDAP.
 - Apache Fortress 2.0.0-RC2 released

Apache HttpComponents™ Client –Java library implementing an HTTP client based on HttpCore components.
- HttpComponents Client 5.0 alpha2 released

Apache Ignite™ –In-Memory Data Fabric providing in-memory data caching, partitioning, processing, and querying components.
 - Apache Ignite 2.0.0 released

Apache OpenWebBeans™ Meecrowave –a light Apache web server based on Tomat and OpenWebBeans (à la microprofile fashion).
 - Apache Meecrowave 0.3.1 released

Apache NiFi™ –an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data.
 - Apache NiFi 1.2.0 released

Apache Qpid™ Proton –a messaging library for the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol 1.0 (AMQP 1.0, ISO/IEC 19464,
 -Apache Qpid Proton-J 0.19.0 released

Apache Tomcat™ –an Open Source software implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Unified Expression Language, Java WebSocket and JASPIC technologies.
 - Apache Tomcat 9.0.0.M21 released

Apache Trafodion (incubating) –a Web-scale SQL-on-Hadoop solution enabling transactional or operational workloads on Apache Hadoop.
 - Apache Trafodion 2.1.0-incubating released

Did You Know?

 - Did you know that previews for ApacheCon + Apache: Big Data keynotes and select sessions are available exclusively on Feathercast?

 - Did you know that over the past quarter, Apache source code has been downloaded more than 2M times?

 - Did you know that RiskCo finacial engineering and risk intelligence group uses Apache Wicket?

Apache Community Notices:

 - "Success at Apache" is a blog series that focuses on the processes behind why the ASF "just works". 1) Project Independence 2) All Carrot and No Stick 3) Asynchronous Decision Making 4) Rule of the Makers 5) JFDI --the unconditional love of contributors 6) Meritocracy and Me

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 - The Apache Phoenix community will be holding PhoenixCon on 13 June in San Francisco

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 - ApacheCon North America + Apache: BigData, CloudStack Collaboration Conference, FlexJS Summit, Apache: IoT, and TomcatCon will be held 16-18 May 2017 in Miami

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