By Kevin A. McGrail
The Apache Software Foundation is not a democracy.
It's an elitist organization that does not support an innate right to vote. We aren't capitalists because you can't buy a seat on our board. We aren't socialists since we place building working communities over software. Monarchy doesn't fit because Kings and Pawns work together as equals.
What we are is a Meritocracy. To be able to have a say, you have to prove your worth in a system of merit. Meritocracy is a key part of The Apache Way. With it, the ASF creates amazing software with amazing people that continues to change the way the world computes.
Merit has no basis on Age, Sex, Religion, Ethnicity, Race, Country of Origin, Sexual Preference, Social Status, Income Level, Lineage, and/or Physical/Cultural Traits*.
In honor of The Apache Way, the ASF has created two wristbands to share with the tech community. The first is silver and announces our Meritocracy. 
The second, because merit is NOT rooted in biological differences, is brash and bold in Red announcing "do I.T. like a girl".  The idea comes from Code Like A Girl wristbands coupled with a small bit of double entendre to start a conversation about improving inclusion.
If you'd like some wristbands, they'll be debossed in a single color like the pictures below. Just send me an email at kmcgrail(at)apache(dot)org. I'll try and send out as many as I can for free. If you like/hate the idea, feel free to send me an email as well and tell me what you would do differently.
* NOTE: We do take into serious account whether you are a Cat or a Dog person.

Kevin A. McGrail is a cybersecurity expert and Open Source advocate who loves stopping spammers. He got involved with the ASF when the Apache SpamAssassin project joined the foundation in 2004. Today he still helps the SpamAssassin project while also serving as an executive officer and VP of Fundraising.

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