110 sub-projects now added to the Foundation's official activity count

Over the past 15 years, The Apache Software Foundation has been going from strength to strength. It's truly impressive to see all that our global community has achieved. 

In documenting the ASF's developments, I've always measured our growth across two metrics: people and projects.

The people behind Apache is a volunteer community comprising 588 individual Members and 4,166 Committers collaborating across six continents. We're a true 24/7 global operation.

Up until now, I have stated that there were more than 200 projects and initiatives at the ASF. To me, "projects and initiatives" = software projects (Top-Level Projects (TLPs) + podlings undergoing development at the Apache Incubator + Apache Labs (our innovation "sandbox" to test technical concepts), plus various community initiatives such as ApacheCon. I never counted sub-projects as part of that census, as we always had just a few handfuls scattered amongst a small number of TLPs.

I was stunned when ASF Member Daniel Gruno recently informed me that my "200+" figure was wrong, and provided an updated tally of our initiatives as detailed on http://projects.apache.org

This audit surprised me, as it had shown that we did not have a "few handfuls" of sub-projects as I had projected, but rather *110* sub-projects! They had grown into an entity unto itself that must be recognized in our official count. 

As such, the ASF appears to have grown overnight with the addition of sub-projects, although they were there all along. As of today, we have:

- 160 Top-Level Projects
- 110 sub-projects (sub-projects of existing TLPs)
- 36 podlings undergoing development in the Apache Incubator
- 39 initiatives in the Apache Labs

So there are currently 345 Open Source software projects and initiatives at the ASF. Add to that the ASF's special committees and activities such as Infrastructure, Travel Assistance, Security Team, Legal Affairs, Brand Management, and ApacheCon: we've exceeded 350.

With this knowledge, I stand corrected, even more impressed, and have adjusted our records accordingly. Thanks again, Daniel!

Join me in celebrating our amazing community –three cheers for Apache!

--Sally Khudairi, Vice President Marketing & Publicity