A number of websites have "apache" in their domain name, and sometimes pretend to be official sources of information about projects of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). How do you find out if it's the case?

The rule is very simple: if a website is not hosted on an apache.org domain, it's not a website of the ASF (with a few exceptions, see below).

In other words, if the site's address doesn't end with .apache.org, it's not ours. Note the dot before apache.org: fooapache.org or apachefoo.org wouldn't belong to us, whereas foo.apache.org does.

The only exceptions to that rule are apachecon.com, which is jointly managed between
the ASF and companies producing our conferences, and spamassassin.org and myfaces.org, for historical reasons.

So remember: if it's not at apache.org or one of the three above domains, it's not from us!