In the works over the past year (v2.0 was released May 2010), Apache Traffic Server v3.0.0 is the result of contributions from more than 30 developers and contributors. Technical highlights include:

I. Contributions

- Over 1,000 "commits" (code, patches, or documentation written directly to the code repository);
- 380+ bug tickets resolved;
- 10 releases have been made during the development phase (v2.1.0 - 2.1.9)
II. New features/improvements
- Full 64-bit support;
- Client side IPv6 support;
- WCCP (Web Cache Communication Protocol);
- Clustering is functional and supported (many benefits include an efficient distributed cache);
- Major plug-in API improvements, making the APIs more feature rich and easier to use;
- Support for many platforms, including OSX, Solaris and FreeBSD (Linux, of course, was always supported);
- New improved RAM cache algorithms, for better performance and memory utilization
- Many configurations are now configurable per transaction (or per mapping rule)
- Many improvements in statistics and management APIs;
- Multiple accept threads, and a dedicated DNS thread:
- Build environment is now much more flexible, and package owner friendly;
- Many, many bug fixes for improved stability and functionality.
III. Performance improvements
- Overall throughput is 2-3x improved over v2.0 (depending on the traffic patterns)
- Response latency is up to 5x better than v2.0
- Benchmark: Serving small objects out of RAM cache, a high end server has showed over 220,000 requests / second
- Benchmark: Serving small objects that are not cacheable, the same high end server could proxy 100,000 requests / second
(NOTE: all benchmarks are on local network, with keep-alive)
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