It's been a great year for the Apache community at-large. With nearly 200M lines of code under the ASF's stewardship, our ongoing success is the result of community-led development "The Apache Way", executed through the collaborative efforts of more than 300 Apache projects and their communities. Highlights include:
Apache Projects
  • Total number of projects + sub-projects - 328 (not including Apache Labs initiatives)
  • Top-Level Projects - 198
  • Podlings in the Apache Incubator - 51
  • Other groups, including operations/support - 62

Community/People —
  • Apache Committers - 7,032 (6,693 active)
  • ASF Members (individuals) - 730
  • New Members elected - 44

Apache Projects/Code —

3,208 Apache Committers changed 78,493,228 lines of code over 201,220 commits. We also  welcomed 4,638 new code contributors and 15,861 new issue/pull request contributors.

 Top 5 Apache Code Committers 

  1. Andrea Cosentino (2,508 commits; 237,224 lines changed)
  2. Jean-Baptiste Onofré (2,098 commits; 1,208,851 lines changed)
  3. Duo Zhang (1,956 commits; 809,085 lines changed)
  4. Mark Thomas (1,823 commits; 179,883 lines changed)
  5. Tilman Hausherr (1,736 commits; 81,940 lines changed)

Top 5 Apache Project Repositories by Commits
  1. Hadoop
  2. HBase
  3. Beam
  4. Camel
  5. Flink
Top 5 Apache Project Repositories by Size (Lines of Code)
  1. OpenOffice (7,822,699)
  2. NetBeans (7,741,506)
  3. Flex (whiteboard: 5,233,722; SDK 3,933,522)
  4. Mynewt (documentation: 4,381.072)
  5. Hadoop (3,881,797)

"If it didn't happen on-list, it didn't happen."
  • Total number of mailing lists 1,131
  • 19,435 authors sent 1,497,005 emails on 505,793 topics

Top 5 most active Apache user@ mailing lists
  1. Flink
  2. Lucene
  3. Ignite
  4. Cassandra
  5. Kafka
Top 5 most active Apache dev@ mailing lists
  1. Beam
  2. Ignite
  3. Kafka
  4. Tomcat
  5. James

Contributor License Agreements and Software Grants —
We welcomed an average of 387 new code contributors and 1,250 new people filing issues each month. Individuals who are granted write access to the Apache repositories must submit an Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA). Corporations that have assigned employees to work on Apache projects as part of an employment agreement may sign a Corporate CLA (CCLA) for contributing intellectual property via the corporation. Individuals or corporations donating a body of existing software or documentation to one of the Apache projects need to execute a formal Software Grant Agreement (SGA) with the ASF. 
  • ICLAs signed - 831
  • CCLAs signed - 35
  • Software Grants submitted - 25
Sponsorship and Individual Support —
Thank you to our hundreds of individual donors and Sponsors whose generous support helps offset the ASF's day-to-day operating expenses that include Infrastructure, Accounting, Fundraising, Marketing & Publicity, and more.
  • Platinum: Cloudera, Comcast, Facebook, Google, LeaseWeb, Microsoft, Oath, Pineapple Fund, and Tencent Cloud.
  • Gold: Anonymous, ARM, Bloomberg, Handshake, Hortonworks, Huawei, IBM, Indeed, Pivotal, and Union Investment.
  • Silver: Aetna, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Baidu, Budget Direct, Capital One, Cerner, Inspur, ODPi, Private Internet Access, Red Hat, and Target.
  • Bronze: Airport Rentals, Best VPN, The Blog Starter, Bookmakers, Cash Store, Casino Bonus, Casino2k, Cloudsoft, Emerio, Footprints Recruiting,,, HostPapa Web Hosting, The Linux Foundation, Mobile Slots, Mutuo Kredit AG, Online Holland Casino, RX-M,, Site Builder Report, Talend, The Best VPN, Twitter, and Web Hosting Secret Revealed.
ASF Targeted Sponsors provide the Foundation with contributions for specific activities or programs.
  • Targeted Platinum: DLA Piper, Microsoft, Oath, OSU Open Source Labs, and Sonatype.
  • Targeted Gold: Atlassian, The CrytpoFund, Datadog, PhoenixNAP, and Quenda.
  • Targeted Silver: Amazon Web Services, HotWax Systems, and Rackspace.
  • Targeted Bronze: Bintray, Education Networks of America, Google, Hopsie, No-IP, PagerDuty, Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation,, SURFnet, and Virtru.

Together, our Members, Committers, contributors, users, supporters, and sponsors continue to build on our mission of providing Open Source software for the public good and are helping keep Apache software accessible to everyone.

Wishing you the best in 2019!

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