At The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Annual Members' Meeting held this week, the following individuals were elected to the ASF Board of Directors:

  • Rich Bowen (former Director)
  • Bertrand Delacretaz (current Director)
  • Christofer Dutz (new Director)
  • Roy T. Fielding (current Director)
  • Sharan Foga (current Director)
  • Willem Jiang (new Director)
  • Sam Ruby (current Director)
  • Roman Shaposhnik (current Director)
  • Sander Striker (current Director)

The ASF thanks Justin Mclean, Craig Russell, and Sheng Wu for their service, and welcomes our new and returning directors.

An overview of the ASF's governance, along with the complete list of ASF Board of Directors, Executive Officers, and Project/Committee Vice Presidents, can be found at 

For more information on the Foundation's operations and structure, see 

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